"Sibliminals that work" e-book should be pinned


Does anyone else agree that the E-Book should be Pinned in this Forum and also in the Shop, somewhere it will be visible to any first time visitors?

@SaintSovereign @Fire


I think it’s a great idea, my only concern is that too many newcomers might come around and use the recommendations are a hard and fast rule rather than a guideline. :thinking:


I believe it is pinned for anybody that hasn’t read it yet, so newcomers should get it right at the top. After you’ve read it, it becomes unpinned. Like announcements.

Of course, it’s been a while, so I could be wrong.


I see what you mean here.

So, if could be helpful, tell me, please, what should a newcomer do if he’s trying to understand questions that aren’t covered in the ebook, neither at topics?

There’s, clearly, some overlaps among Mogul, AM, Emperor and EoG and I don’t know better way to try to get info regarding what to purchase than at the specific forum, with people who has used, tried, experienced.

I’m new to subliminalclub, but not new to subliminals.


The best way to get your questions answered if not covered in the ebook is to ask them here in the forum. The active users are an experienced well of knowledge.