Should I remove mind blockages first?


Hey guys, I have been using ascended mogul for around 5 days now and some of my productivity has increased or just a placebo. Anyways, I was asking if I should continue with this for 3 months or first do a subliminal which removes subconscious blockages first so that I have a fresh and clean mind to start with like when we clean the desk before working seriously.

My brain pattern is such that whenever I imagine something big, I get scared. I have a constant anxiety problem and daydream too much and live obsessed with past. Even if something minutely negative happened with me 10 years ago, that still haunts me. Also, my mind has a habit of making a perception about everything beforehand which makes it impossible to enjoy anything. I want to remove this to manifest law of attraction as what you think and visualize is what you get. And my mind always visualizes loneliness and anger and something I’ve already experienced instead of something new.

My mind has a habit of creating any thoughts and then I find myself self-talking and getting angry over stuff which never even happened with me. So, that’s why I was thinking of first to remove blockages of mind. I was thinking of buying regeneration to heal myself or ascended mogul will do that too? What do you guys suggest? I know its a long rant but please bear with me. I need your help guys.


What i would suggest is using regeneration and rebirth together to remove any “blockages”.

You have a choice of two paths. Run regeneration and rebirth for at least 3 months. Before you switch back to ascended mogul.

Or stack ascended mogul with regeneration and rebirth.

Decide what is the best optuon for you. If heaking is a priority choose the former.


As @blackadder suggested, you can use Regeneration with Rebirth. They are very effective at fixing your negative views.

The other option is to keep pushing. I see it way too often people that want to remove their blockages - and they stay stuck in this mindset of being blocked or flawed, waiting until they remove all their blockages before taking action.

It is a slippery slope.

Remember to keep taking action, even if you are healing. Action heals.

If your productivity has increased, what is there to debate?

Regeneration will be much more suited to the goal, hence faster acting, but Ascended Mogul will eventually get you there too.

Best Healing Stack

@blackadder Thank you so much for the reply. My number 1 priority is to get a good job and improve overall life as quickly as possible and I’m studying for that. So, I think I’ll keep using Ascended Mogul and maybe will stack regeneration and rebirth after some time.


@Fire Thank you so much for the reply. I’ll take your advice and keep using Ascended Mogul as my number 1 priority is to get a good job (I’m studying for that) and be an overall charismatic person. Maybe after some time I’ll stack regeneration with it if I still feel any negative thoughts are there.


You might consider doing primarily AM and then maybe a single session of Regen and Rebirth – maybe just before bed. So, during the bulk of the day, you’re getting Ascended Mogul, which helps with your main goals plus just before bed, you’re getting a bit of help and nudges to remove emotional blocks.


Wouldn’t Elixir help with this also and since that is a super charger you can run that once or twice a day


@Kaprice Thank you so much for the reply. Yeah, I thought about that too like doing regen or rebirth one session in morning and one session before bed. But, as pointed out by many others, ascended mogul’s script is really big and it takes a toll on the mind of the person who hasn’t been doing subliminals for long. As I’m looking for a job too, I think getting financial security should be my primary concern and it’ll help me to overcome negative thoughts as an independent dominant person doesn’t let anything interfere his goals.


@Floridianninja Thank you so much for the reply. I didn’t check out Elixir but as the script of ascended mogul is very dense, I think I’ll just stick to it and after sometime worry about removing negative thoughts. My first and foremost priority is to get a good job and be an overall dominant and charismatic guy. I think ascended mogul is best suited for that goal. And being financially secure with expanding social circle is gonna help me be positive.


Not trying to convince you of anything, but something to consider. If AM takes a toll on the mind, maybe taking a short time away from it each day to work in blocks could be valuable.


@Kaprice Yeah, I’m not using it for continuous 16 hrs. I play around 6-7 hrs at night ultrasonic version through mobile speaker and in day I try to play masked version with earphones for around 4 hrs.


It’s not placebo. Make sure you keep taking action, allowing the benefits to manifest. If you discount everything as placebo, and as a result, don’t take action, you close off the pathways for the subliminal to manifest.


@SaintSovereign Thank you so much for the reply. Yeah, I realize it now that its not a placebo. I’ve been on nofap for around 13 days now and just 2 hrs earlier I watched porn for around 10 minutes and immediately I closed it. I realized its not worth it. Also, earlier I used to study in my bed. I studied little and slept more. I was trying to change my room for around 7 months but didn’t have much motivation. Now, I really had the urge to change my study environment and I started sitting on proper study table. I’m doing it for 2 days now and I have been able to study more and no naps in between.


@SaintSovereign Also, this Dragon Ball Z video I found really helps me to stay on track.
Link :
Watch it from 1:36