Should I buy Khan?


Hi. It’s my first message here but I’ve been lurking for some days.
I’d like to get a sub that can help me with my main goal, that is having a healthy social and sexual life. Now, I’m a very introverted person, with low self-esteem. My first thought was buying PS with Daredevil, but since I’d like to have a little bit of subliminal work on wealth-career related stuff along with the Total Breakdown stage of Khan (something that I see necessary for smashing my old limiting self-beliefs) I’ve decided to buy Khan.

But… should I buy it now? I’ve seen that there’s this new thing called Q and that all older subs will be transformed to this format, so I wouldn’t like buying it now and watching the new version of Khan being released in a few days or weeks lol.

Thanks in advance!


I believe Regeneration is a great first sub for sure! It’s a sub every new guy here should start with.

It will work on your emotional, mental and spiritual health/issues.

Run it for 3+ months and then you’ll see what to do next :wink:


Hey @MyLowS-EJourney, welcome to the forum!

Khan is going to be upgraded to the Q system for free so no need to worry about our purchase becoming obsolete when it happens.


Question, if you’re in the middle of running a multiple stage sub like that and it gets upgraded, would it be a good idea to start the run over?


Is there a reason StarkQ didn’t appeal to you? It’s social/sexual focused as well as wealth. It’s already a Q title so no need to worry about it getting updated while you’re running it and after some time when you’re getting results if Khan Q comes out you can switch


I guess it depends on where you are with that sub. Like, say you’re already on ST4 when an upgrade arrives. Do you want another round of breakdown? Are you comfortable enough on where you are at that point? I don’t believe that SC’s subs would require you to restart if an upgrade comes up.


What @d1gz said. I would stay on my current stage in KhanQ.


Hey @MyLowS-EJourney, welcome to the forum!

You should ALWAYS follow your intuition, and your intuition overlaps with mine that Khan seems to be a great fit for you. Especially, Stage 1 will make you change from the inside out destroying every single trauma that was holding you back (and of most you are not even aware of). The best thing about St1 is that you are still getting social, domination, seduction, sex scripting WHILE the subliminal is breaking down old beliefs; where Regeneration only has emotional regeneration. But as pakr93 said, you will probably need to run it for 3 months+ to really see the biggest and most mindblowing changes.

Even when Q launches in Mai, Khan will still remain an immensely powerful subliminal, even getting a free upgrade later after launch. So I would probably go with Khan now, and make the most out of the nasty quarantine…