Should I add GLM ZP to my stack

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It doesn’t have it. The masculinity from Primal is one of sexual flavour.


thx brother

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Why was it flagged man??

said it should be moved to off-topic section

No I mean there was nothing in the comment that makes it offensive or annoying.

Flagged for the moderators - to move the tread into the question section

O I get it now

How does it sound like?
Adding GLM to primal seductio

@Alphamale PS is a very alpha sub, adding GLM to it might be overkill but that’s just my 2 cents.

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I like overkill
U should’ve seen me on khan+GLM+commander


@Alphamale Savage :rofl:

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How was it?

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Throw in PCC and you’d be king of the world

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The main thing was conflicts, I was having alot of them like I kicked two guys ass in one day, one in the morning and one in the noon, I ran spartan also
These conflict are a means for cultivating power

Dont you think PCC would make me kinda passive?!

No not at all, why do you think that?

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Well, maybe I am wrong
Tell me about your experience with pcc or what should I expect by adding pcc to khan
I am just struggling with khans arrogance

I have no experience running PCC. But from what I understand it’s helps you internalize the 48 laws of power.

It will build your social influence, help you avoid manipulation and it will build your external power.

I’m essence, you will become unfuckwithable.

What’s your view on stacking Khan St1 and GLm?