Sexual Mastery and Primal Seduction


I’m currently listening to Primal Seduction.
I know that there are some parts from Sexual Mastery included.
Is it any point in stacking PS with Sexual Mastery?


I know that a number of people running PS have had good success by listening to SM right before the actual sex. If it is useful to stack I can’t say.


Yes and no, you could make the sex part of it stronger. But truth is, you probably only need time on primal seduction for all the script to be integrated :wink:


Yea, to me it seems SM is a situational sub just like most ultimas.


Is Sexual Mastery an Ultima release?


No its a major title


just the idea of that sounds very powerful…
“Sex Mastery X2 Ultima”


Master releases will build permanent changes?


And it is powerful lol