Sexual and social Khan


Hey there,

Long time user of SC products; right now I’m running ST4 of Khan.
I did spend 30 days on ST1…ST3, from Khan lanch and ST4 since.

I’d like to focus more on the sexual-sexual aspect and I’m thiking to move to a stack:

  1. Khan ST4: 50%
  2. Iron Throne: 30%
  3. Social King: 20%

Would this make sense? I’m listening ~20 hours day.



How about some Libertine?


Uuuu, did not thought about Libertine, I can buy that as well - do not have it yet. Thanks Michel!

I’m a bit unsure about Iron Throne vs Sexual Mastery - any place for SM in there? or maybe replace iron throne all together?


I dont think there is a need for iron throne if you are running st4 or st3 khan. I highly recommend sex mastery. Libertine is nice. I could feel how my active state was changing


Sex Mastery v2 is in Khan ST4.
Iron Throne is in Khan ST3.

Libertine will supercharge the sexual energy from Khan.

It depends on what sexual aspects you want to boost from Khan


Did you purchase Iron Throne as a standalone? I’m curious why would choose that specifically versus Primal Seduction


Thanks man!

So there is no Iron Throne in ST4?
And i thought that version 1 of Sex Mastery is included in ST4…


No - i did not purchase it as a stand alone, I think it was a bonus for early purchase.

My understanding is that Iron Throne is a stripped down version of primal seduction: no healing, just pure raw seduction.


Yes it was a bonus for pre-purchase. It also got re released as a limited time solo purchase. What made you not want the healing aspect? While it is true that IT is a stripped down version of PS I’m curious why you would choose that over PS. Also since Social King is essentially a stripped down version of Daredevil, it seems to be more of the same. You could ramp up the benefits by doing either PS or DD in place of their stripped down counterparts, since you’re basically through the full Khan program there is little need to limit your potential gains. I’m curious what your thought process is, maybe I am looking at it differently than you are.


My thinking is that I went through the healing process in Khan ST1. Same track length w/o healing stuff means more seduction stuff there. I might be wrong though. Same thing with Social King (btw do I still get it now if I buy Daredevil?)



My understanding is that, though they are more focused and stripped down versions, it is not simply the same thing minus the healing. Without knowing for sure exactly what’s not included it’s hard to say but “raw seduction” to me means technique and drive. This leaves out things like aura manifestation. Also even though you went through the healing aspects of Khan ST1, the changes your get from Supreme Rebirth in PS could be far different from what you got in Total Breakdown. Just food for though, by all means keep your stack if you’re happy with it. @AMASH swore by IT at one point. But to me it seems as though you might be limiting your potential gains