Sex Mastery V.2


Just wanted to drop a testimony to the effectiveness of Sex Mastery. I’ve used V.1 in the past and can say that it was one of the more effective programs but V.2 really took things to the next level. I typically experience some form of sexual anxiety especially when I don’t know the girl very well yet, and the other night I brought back a girl from a bar I was really into and we ended up taking some edibles after we got back from the bar. Weed for some reason always makes my anxiety worse so I was shoved super into my head, could hardly get it up and when I did it would last a few minutes and I’d loose it again. Long story short I had one of the most awkward/shitty nights of sex in my life. The next day I saw that Sex Mastery V.2 was available and I played it all day at work, and noticed myself getting a lot more sexual attraction from co workers and girls at the bar (I bartend). That night I brought the same girl back to my place, and she told me she had never cummed from a man/during sex and that I gave her first orgasm. The next night I gave her multiple in a row. Night after that I brought home a different girl and had the absolute craziest sex of my life, literally it felt like we were making a porn video. I don’t know if it’s just some type of placebo affect but Sex Mastery completely resolved my sexual anxiety, I didn’t feel the pressure to “have” to perform or worry about keeping my dick up I was able to just let go and have the most fun I’ve had in my life. Highly recommend it if you have any form of sexual anxiety.

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