Sex Mastery Q Review


I’ve been including sex mastery 2 in the stack along with Khan Stage 3, and Emperor Fitness stage 3. My girlfriend is currently pregnant so our sex life has been pretty streaky to say the least. Our sex is normally awesome but since she has been pregnant, we are having sex less frequently causing me to have stamina issues. So I started running Sex Mastery Q since it’s release, and have been eagerly waiting to test it out, last night was my first chance to do so.
Here’s what I noticed from last night:
1). I feel more comfortable with dirty talk, especially opposed to not running sex mastery at all.
2). More aware of my body, where tension began to build up, control of my breathing, which in turn helped my stamina.
3). Much harder erections, to the point in which she was commenting on how hard it felt.
4). Able to thrust harder and longer, normally this leads me to ejaculate but I was able to maintain hard thrusting for long periods of time.
5). Complete orgasm control, I would feel myself building up to the point of no return but could stop myself, and than continue going. With past versions of Sex Mastery I could stop myself as well, however I would loose some hardness afterwards, and with Q I didn’t loose anything.
6). Very Present, able to just relax and enjoy the sex instead of worrying about cumming or making her cum. Had a greater appreciation for the beauty of my partners body.
7). Felt more confident in giving her oral, she said it was the best head she’s ever had.
8). Quick turnaround after ejaculation, without running sex mastery I am pretty much done for the night after busting, while on Sex Mastery I’m ready for round 2/3 after about 10-15 minutes.

Overall very pleased with Sex Mastery Q. I definitely notice a different from past versions. In the past sex mastery felt more anamalistic, lost in lust and craving (while I could probably attribute some of that to libertine at the time), SMQ feels more tantric, present, relaxed. I will say my relationship has also evolved over time as well so that also affects the sex as you get more comfortable with your partner. Regardless sex while using sex mastery is significantly better than sex without it and I believe it should be a staple in anyone’s stack who is having regular sex and values there sex life.
One more point I’d like to make is how valuable taking action is while using these subliminals. I believe the weapon x platform are the most powerful of the titles because of how transparent and tangible the results are because they are meant to be used with actions. If you were to run sex mastery while not having sex you wouldn’t see much of results and probably deem sec mastery a useless title and even experience reconciliation from having your subconscious focus so heavily on something that’s not on your reality. But combined with action you can experience unbelievably fast results. When I was running my seduction stack I went from hardly being able to cold approach and spit out a word to opening girls and making out with them on the street within minutes, getting same day lays etc. now with Khan, being out of work, being in a steady relationship, I am expieriencing that same reconciliation and it’s just a huge reminder that you have to take action for these subs to work. Find your direction and get moving because when you take action, and your entire R.A.S is focused on that goal from using these subs, what you can accomplish is truely incredible.


Very much excited to see this – confirms what I’ve been suspecting about the power of Q.


Amazing in depth review and can confirm some of those results you’ve experienced !


@Niles can you elaborate on time exposure and loops a day? Seem your getting way different results than me with the Q version.


Stick with Sex Mastery Q, it’s a completely new subliminal for your unconscious to comprehend, hence the reconciliation. After a month or so, add in something else if you want to. You’ll be seeing the same results that you’ve been having in the past, plus some extra’s as it is Q we’re speaking of here.

It is likely that you unconscious is still progressing all of the new and or updated scripts, that you have currently introduced to your stack. Time and patience, or if you want quick and profound results then you should probably remove something, as mentioned above. I hope it helps.


I stoped all Q versions since they were giving me negative results in various fields. I am using the X versions of the subs and also i diminshed the More Dense stacks like Ascended Mogul to just 2 loops a night, i am back to the game just by doing that.

Im intrigued to see how long can i last this time around.