Sex Mastery for occasional use


Got SM for occasional use .
After reading all reviews , I felt tempted , thought may be I can use it wen with my girl .
Tried downloading it so somehow crashed while downloading and seems this sub has limited download chances
Anyway masked version couldn’t download , have requested support for same but did downloaded ultrasonic and played it twice back to back .

So what difference can just two rounds make …
One of my old fren called and wanted to meet for obvious reasons , but somehow I didn’t felt like may be effective of emperor .
Coincidence or may be sub effect …

But my girl was ga ga abt our love making and she said she felt different , she hugged me like anything and have been asking me to come early from office since noon.

Sometimes just don’t want to believe all this but seems all this is real and in front of me
Will wait more but I would be only using this while making love with my girl.


I asked support team for download reset and @Fire took care of this the very next day .

Mean time I play this while being with my girl and she is aware of this but anyhow she shrugs and says I don’t care abt this .
Good for me lol

It is making so much difference in love making sessions …
They are now long / more intimate and more creative .
It’s like pill of viagra ( never had one but just quoted lol)
She hugs me like anything and she is more sensual while making love.
And I had very strong erection , though it was not a problem before but still I felt more blood rush …
I am in Thailand and it’s city of sin n sex, SM was on auto play mode and unknowingly a sales girl was exposed to ultrasonic from my phone , I was there in store for may be 20 mins and her body language change in 10 - 15 mins , I was surprised , she just tried to be very close, m glad my girl was not around else she would have killed me … lol
Later I realised it’s SM playing and may be effect of that

I am getting so many looks on beach and when I am around women I can see them opening up a bit or giving that smile .

I am enjoying every bit of this …
And yes I feel more confident and have started liking myself more when I look into mirror .


Where are you in thailand? if you dont want to say in public drop me a pm


Wow, Sex Mastery effects seem to kick in quite rapidly, in every journal.
Hope it brings your relationship to a new level :smiley:


It’s ok
Right now in Phuket.


Thanks @Flake_And_Milk
Yes it’s quick and intense and actually I start enjoying it while making love , there is that feeling of Euphoria and bliss .
And ofcourse my girl is liking new me and she says who ever created this water sound she is thankful to them so this is for @Fire and @SaintSovereign


That’s awesome @rajeshwer. I tried Viagra. Have a full bottle. Doesn’t work like the sub that’s for sure. It’s supposed to increase blood flow down there but if your problem isn’t due to blood flow it won’t do much at all. This sub it’s a complete aphrodisiac for me. Keep us posted.


So last night after having couple of drinks at bar , she was fun , along with sex talks she was more vibrant and energetic and so was I . May be holiday with SM working like that .
Real action was when we were back to room and we made luv 4 times in night and I could hold myself quiet long , well it was not like 3 hrs hold but good 40 - 45 mins and I would say it was amazing , it opened different world for me .


Since I am on vacation so I m listening more of SM with my girl .
A hot Russian girl standing after me in till queue, suddenly started talking and ofcourse I also could easily converse, opening up dialogue was not tough and she gave me her number too !!!

Seems better days ahead . Lol


Almost 15 days .
I use it almost everyday while making love.
It’s a joy and one of potent sub.
Duration of sex has increased and we enjoy it. My holding power has increased, now I am having sex with my girl almost every day and she enjoys it too no complaints whatsoever.


Bro! What’s the latest update?


Almost 25 days on this .

Sexy life was never so happening before .
We do it almost for double the time, 45 - 50 mins.
She don’t mind even doing it twice a day ( when in mood lol)
Boy we are getting more creative and intimate.

Outside , I get more attention from women though that’s not my interest as of now , I super happy with my girl and So is she .

Sometimes I play it while we r in room , I think it’s just 30 mins , I find her near me making physical contact with me

All men should have this sub , it can make sex life beautiful and intimate.

One of the best and potent sub I have came across.

Cheers to @SaintSovereign and @Fire


And I don’t even play it regularly , I only play it like 30 mins before I wanna have her and stop this when we are done.

I can’t imagine what it will bring if I play 5-6 loops in a day .
Someday I will try that too !!!


May I answer.

Waking up in the morning with a hard on and can’t get it to go down, and have to go to work like that. :rofl:


Ha ha
That’s a good one
But normally I already wake up horny these days , as I use it every night during sex.

Best part is she ready to give in in mornings also. :grinning::grinning:


:rofl: haha. You might not want to do any more than that then. You just might not be able to get it to go down after that many loops.


Wow awesome results…i thinking im adding the sub to go all night aswell :smile::smiley:.
Do you think the sub will work on someone who doesnt understand english?


No, The subconscious won’t understand it. But if they understand basic English then they should be fine. But if there mind knows basic words it’ll be able to figure out the words it doesn’t know.


The sub is written in basic conversational english. If you can hold a simple conversation with someone in english, you should be okay.

Sex Mastery X2 is a very simple script with little to reconcile, hence why so many people get good results right off the gate. You can probably do 1-2 loops a day and get good benefits.


Thanks @SaintSovereign
It actually works like magic. Subs like this reinforces more faith in subs as results are fast and evident.

I am wondering if you have any plans of making it more potent .