Sex mastery + Ascension 😜


Okay thanks everyone for your great advice on my stack regarding my post I made on low libido!

It’s only been a few days on sex mastery and boy might I say what an intense subliminal it is. I feel like I have raging hormones right now. This is definitely an aphrodisiac. Should I lower the amount of loops for sex master? Heck no! I’m running this beast full throttle right now.

I’ll try to keep updates for my self and anyone else that might be interested when I can.

Thanks :space_invader:


Ok so this sex mastery is awesome! I’ve been getting so horny around my wife lately :wink:.

Yesterday I was exceptionally irritable all day long from the morning when I woke up and this morning it’s continuing. Emotions always change. I’ve been showing my emotions outwardly lately and have no shame about it. I guess that’s a good thing. Definitely not a passive attitude. When people slight me they notice it right away from my body language and verbal communication. Busy day for me today. Lots of hours at work today. I did sleep good though.


@lowrider - haha excellent. Reviews of Sex Mastery always “excite” me (pun intended). Not in a horny way of course, but in anticipation of adding it to my stack.


One thing I can say that I’ve learned is to never argue with a woman as it is only going to escalate. The art of knowing all the right and wrong things to say around a woman can be a tricky path to walk. :wink:


If it is something you are interested or thinking about it, i definitely recommend it. It is the sub which has the most obvious results even if your sex life is already on top :wink:


It took me a looong time to learn this one…lol. NEVER argue with women, It’s the quickest way to destroy a relationship and any attraction she has for you.


Same here :wink:


@rising - definitely soon, bro. Just need my health sorted a bit and move out my folk’s place.


So far things are improving with the romance as well. My communication with my wife is better and I’m able to solve little disagreements better than before. Keeping things on the right track and steering everything towards seduction and intimacy. :wink:


That’s excellent to hear, @lowrider


Love can be such a drug when your in it and such a hell when it crumbles and shatters. And not given the proper foundational tools as a child can really hinder your ability to properly repair relationships, cope, and experience the beauty in your world around you.


I read both your posts and didn’t see the question I’d like to ask,
so I’ll just do it here. I hope its okay.

While Sex master + Ascension might improve your thang I’m still curious about the root cause.

Do you watch any porn? If answer is yes, have you tried going NoFap?

I tried it for 90 days and I felt a huuuge difference relating to this.

There was a longing for deep connection with someone and reading your
post made me think that IF this was the cause - I could only imagine
how much it would affect the connection between you and your wife.
Both regarding sex and outside that.

I am just rambling on without even knowing this is your cause… My bad dude…


All posts, advice, opinions, point of views, and criticism is always welcome on any thread I start. If it doesn’t directly benefit me or open my mind up it miay help somebody else.

Thanks for your post. No I’m not watching porn. Sex mastery has helped a lot. From normal testosterone levels and not being even able to get it up to now doing it once every day is great! Must be psychological and what’s not noticeably apparent causing this. I dunno.


Doing much better in the last couple days. Finally shook off 90% of this anger and irritability that I had been feeling for a while. Got a bunch of things taken care of. As far as procrastination goes, Ascension pretty much blows it out of the way!


So glad to hear Ascension is redressing the balance for you.
Ascension is a very effective sub.


There’s only one person that was there when I had nothing, when I got success, when the closest ones turned on me, and no matter what, still stands by me to conquer all of the mishaps that life throws at me. My wife


Sometimes when I feel down I look back on my life and remember that I got married 6 years ago. And at that time I was only grossing about $25,000 a year. Now by the end of this year I should be grossing around $95,000. I bought a house in cash and paid full. If you get yourself out of that victim role and take ownership of your life and go after what you want you’ll get it. So do you think the subs are working?

Thank you subcliminal club


Toasting to you lowrider!


Thanks :+1:t3:


@lowrider Highrider :smile: