Sex Mastery - An Ascension Story out of the rut


Hi Sublimal Club community! I am a 35 year old male! Most of my adult life I have had this nagging and pervading feeling of unfulfilled potential. I have reached close to rock bottom in my life and decided to leverage both Ascension and Sexual Mastery to get out of my current rut! What prompted me to get the Sex Mastery Program was that I just recently had a disheartening episode of the limp D*** ! While I was with an attractive young lady who was eager for me to satisfy her ( aka fuck her silly!), after going through a few month of sexual drought myself, I must admit, I just couldn’t get it hard enough to enter her pleasure box! I said to myself: “Damn, never will I not be prepared again when the opportunity presents itself”. I already know a lot of sex techniques and I have had a extensive list of sexual partners in my life but I still have not yet lived the carnal adventures that I dream about. You know the things that are so freaky you would tell your grandkids about…well I want more of these stories. Anyhow, after reading testimonials on Sex Mastery it seemed that It was exactly what I was looking for. I have decided to not only listen to the program everyday for the next 30 days but also to push myself to test it out and that means creating at least one new sexual opportunity. On the professional front and more materialistic side, I resigned from a job I hated in August (I was working in the UK) and decided to move back to my home country. As it turns out I have changed jobs a lot in my life and never really found something that I loved doing. I have dabbled in a lot of things and that has cost me to never really develop a career… and to make a long story short, I now had to move back in with my mom, at 35, and, although I have 0 debt, I have also 0 net worth and no job so I am really in the rut. Needless to say that isn’t how I had envisioned my life to turn out. I believe that I have tons of potential and that If I can reprogram my subconscious and get rid of all these limiting beliefs that I have crippled me for so long I can ascend to greatness. So I am taking it one day at a time and wanted to share this journal with you. Very happy to be on this path. Good luck to all!


Hey @KingR, welcome. :+1:

Considering the finances, any reason you chose Ascension over Ascended Mogul?


Welcome to SubClub! Looking forward to seeing your progress. As for what I quoted from your post, don’t look at this as a negative. This is a VERY enviable position. You have nowhere to go but up once you start taking action.

This is coming from someone with a considerable net worth, but also debt from past mistakes and bad decisions (like going to an expensive film / writing school).


Hey @Simon, thanks for welcoming me! The reason why I chose Ascension rests almost solely on the two sentences here below taking out of the sales copy on the product page:
"ASCENSION also contains scripting to help you discover your personal mission and ultimate goals in life, then guide you toward absolute success in achieving your dreams. This program will transform you into an unstoppable force of nature in regards to fulfilling your personal goals. "


Thanks @SaintSovereign. I am psyched to embark on this journey and ready to seize every opportunity I can. I appreciate the nice reframe of my current financial situation.


That same scripting is in Ascended Mogul, except it includes the financial stuff. We normally don’t do “swaps,” but I’ll make an exception in this case because it wasn’t clear. PM me with your store account if you want to take advantage of it.


Ok so I haven’t started using all of the subs in my current stack/stach at the same time. It’s basically been 6 days since I popped my subclub cherry with my first listen of Sex Mastery V2 which extended into an overnight 8 hour loop. The results I have got from this particular sub happened the very same night. I woke up around 4am with a raging hard on, I am talking like a spear that could stretch the tightest of wholes kind of hard-on. I hadn’t had a hard on like that since I was 19 and I am now 35. And like I have read it from others posters on similar thread, it isn’t the same feeling as Viagra at all. I have popped a few Cialis ( Tadalafil) in the past and when you take one it is fucking draining. You have this chemically-induced rush of blood towards your cock. Although super potent and efficient, it is a strange sensation, like a tensed up muscle, ones that really makes you tired afterwards and also gives back pain and side effects to many users. Instead, the sub produced a hard-on that felt super natural, while I was laying in bed I didn’t have to check if my boner was going down at any time, I felt like yet super erect with no end in sight ( I mean…I eventually had to urinate so it had to). Other than that I don’t have any sex partner at the moment so I am purely running the sub so that when that next encounter comes I will be ready to be memorable to the lucky girl.

I had listened to about 4 days worth of Ascension ( 3 loops each day plus 4 loops during sleep) before @SaintSovereign kindly offer to swap it to Ascended Mogul as it was much more aligned with the effect I was looking for. My observations with this sub ( and I have mostly been listening to the Ultrasonic track) are:

1- increased stares or eye-contact from some women and hot ones as well. That definitely never happened before and I live in a European country where girls usually are very subtle when they are checking a guy out.

2- I have become more vocal or what some may call agressive. I have close to no time for non-sense and cannot let one once of disrespect slide. It is like the filter has to been taken off. I have to say something if a situation arise. I am not willing to let anything slide. That used to be the way I was a few years back before I got beat down by life over and over.

3- I have noticed just over the last 48 hours that I seem to be anticipating what people are going to say before they are going to say it. Also it looks like my manifestation powers have increased. I noticed that I saw a few things yesterday that my friends were doing on instagram and I thought to myself, " hey that’s something I would like to try", without giving it too much thoughts though, and bam I get an invite from this girl I have met recently to try it out in the afternoon.

4- Oh and not to forget, I have had no urge to shake the monkey ( jerk off) since I started to the subliminals. I am just craving so real sex, raunchy, kinky, satisfying and orgasmic boom boom!

On a side note, I absolutely love listening to Libertine, twice every morning when I wake up. This track is just juicy ( it is almost like having sex, just a little, just enough to get me aroused).

So that’s pretty much it for me. I will try to update on a daily basis when I notice changes happening as to not update with nothing.

Have a quick ass week!



And enjoy Ascended Mogul. I’m on it now, and after finding subclub over a year ago AM is my favorite. I find it the fastest acting (besides sex mastery) and it puts me in super productivity mode, AND, the attention from the ladies is nice too.

Great results so far! Looking forward to more


Day 10 - Sex Mastery and Ascended Mogul.

So technically I had started listening to Ascension 10 days ago before making the switch to AM 4 days laters so its only been 6 days on AM; Day 10 for Sexual Mastery though. On day 8 I received a phone call from a Real Estate agency where I had sent an CV, as I am looking for a new job. I have never worked as a Real Estate agent nor in Real Estate at all, although I do have a limited company registered in the UK that was set up to trade commercial and residential properties. This business has actually never taken off as I didn’t do the necessary hard tasks, like raising seed capital, that I should have done. I guess I didn’t do it mostly because of the huge baggage of limiting beliefs that I have been dragging around for years about not deserving/giving myself permission to make money ( or raise capital) because of my upbringing I have some very engrained limitations with money ( I call it imposter syndrome). So that is the reason I am really willing to do the work with Ascended Mogul. I have been listening to it religiously since I got it and I must admit that the subliminal magical juice is slowly sipping through the cracks of my brain. I started believing that I can do things again if I set my mind to it and I have now the reassuring conviction that the Major Programs are my allies in accomplishing my objectives. So it provides a bit of calmness. This is very useful because as expected for a Real Estate Agent job it would be mostly commission-based without much of a base salary at all. I will have to learn a new trade as well so I will definitely be using Limitless alongside it to catch up quicker than the average brain.

I can say that, in general, I have noticed people treating me better than usual. I myself seem to be looking forward to the days as I wake up. I don’t even need to be doing any type of grandiose activities as I have noticed that I can find the magic everywhere now, literally anytime. Maybe it is because the subs are putting me in a state where I believe really cool things will happen so it actually make them happen.

Also what I like a lot with Subclubs programs so far is the Set and Forget Ultrasonics tracks. As with the whole frequency thing, it is undeniable that our subconscious picks up on the encoded commands/ affirmations and I am really lucky that not having a job right now I can have the tracks playing almost all day and definitely all night. And because it is so easy to listen to and so changes expected are so great, I find it easier to stick with than any other self-improvement programs I have been involved with before. If I am sleeping and having the Ascended Mogul loop on I will be having profound dreams with heavy symbolism and riddles. I try to write more and more of what I dream on a notepad I keep by my bedside ( last night there was a golden chain with diamond shapes andI had to draw it as I woke up and went back straight to sleep). And for some reason whatever symbol that I need to see will really stand out in my dream like my brain is bringing some kind of super focus on it. The other night It was like an extraterrestrial bee on my pillow, I mean it’s quite crazy. If I happen to dream during the Sex Mastery sub then I will be having a sex dream.

In terms of the ladies, I do gets lots of looks although it isn’t constant. I believe that the ones looking my way may be matching what I am desiring myself. I haven’t done any heavy approaching yet as I have not had the opportunity to do so or had the will/ state of mind. The fact that I don’t have my own place to bang nor a job at the moment is still weighing down on my self-esteem/ aggressiveness with the ladies. I must admit that having listened to Sex Mastery two to three times a day for the last 10 days I am itching to exchange orgasms with a lucky lady!

That’s it folks. I will update soon again.


@KingR - I definitely feel you regarding the unemployment and not having my own place. Women are practically throwing themselves at me too and I don’t have my economics set up yet to give them a place to get down and dirty.

But push onwards. We will get there!


Ok so I am on the 15th day mark since I started listening to Subclubs’ subliminals. I have gone through a solid week, if not even 8 or 9 days, of an complete absence of physical manifestations. I would say that I have been challenged spiritually, with short bouts of depression and despair. This morning though I woke up at 5:30am ( I am unemployed and living with mom just to place some context) and just got up, no question nor hesitation and started my day so that is pretty positive. I read in others’ journals that it was a wide spread experience amongst users here to wake up effortlessly like that. Also last night I would say that I had my first wet, kinky dream without feeling the urge to bust a nut in my sleep. Instead It was a pleasurable , close-to lucid dream and I must pin that on the back of listening to Sex Mastery pretty consistently for the last 15 days. @SaintSovereign I have found a post of yours where you were talking about testing out a particular listening pattern of 6 to 8 hours during the day and letting the subconscious rest at night. I have started doing that for the last 3 days and indeed I seem to have stronger dreams at night. Anyhow I am hell of confused about the direction that I should take professionally. In 11 days I will be celebrating my 36th birthday and I am coping with a heavy feeling of disappointment and would I dare to say shame of what I have become or not become yet at this stage of my life. Nonetheless I am sticking with the 6 to 8 hours of listening per day and will see through this rough patch.


A man’s prime is between 35-55, so don’t feel too much shame about your situation. I’m 38 and living out of mother’s home too.
Never fear, Sub Club is here. We can’t fail when we improve ourselves.


Thanks for the reframe Michel! I know that the subliminals are helping me getting passed those insecurities and that soon enough I will be looking back at it with a grin on my face.


@KingR - to encourage you, I will also add that I am 38 and living with my parents. But now after being with SubClub for the past few months, there is even more drive towards moving out and more alpha-ness in my behavior that am confident that all my dreams will come true.

Trust me, you have found the magic lamp and your own hearts wishes will be fulfilled. And what’s more, you get more than just 3 wishes here!


I’m of similar age and am in the same situation. There are many of us here!


Ok @King @raphael & @Michel, first of all thank you very much for showing love and support! I was merely reflecting my current experience and confronting some pent up emotions. A wise man once said that the more personal a situation or challenge one thinks he is dealing with the more universal it is. You guys have just proved that to be true! Nonetheless I would like to make a journal entry that I think is worthy of a few lines. So yesterday I finally cracked! As you may know I do not have any lady friend at the moment and have yet to manifest any hot kinky sexual encounter since I started listening to Sex Mastery X about 16 days ago now. So last night I was laying in bed and I got aroused for some reason and started self-cultivating ( as the Taoist so poetically put it) and GOD Damn, my wood was at the crossroad of Bambou and Red Oak! Why am I telling you guys this, I can hear you ask. Well just because I realised that I was really content just visualising and using my imagination rather than going straight to Porn which I have zerooooo desire to resort to anymore( Must be the scripting). Anyway, good stuff! It’s rewiring my brain for real connection and intimacy, the things that make up for great sex ( in a nutshell). Also this morning I woke up again quite effortlessly without the desire to linger in bed and, even if I didn’t really sleep much and I can feel it on my face ( you know when you are tired and your eyes feel a little heavier than usual), my internal energy is higher than it has been in a long while. I almost feel like I am on NZT and that is a super great feeling. If I want to do something I just start it without thinking much or procrastinating ( like writing this post for instance). Also after ready some very good forum entries in the last couple of days I decided to take baby action steps to make the subconscious manifest like exchanging a few words at a grocery store with a girl I found cute, without too much intention behind it other than just to create some momentum! Either way, I am out for now! Take care! A dios!


It’s been a while since I have last updated. It has now been 22 days since I have listened to my very first Subclub audio. So I have listened everyday to Ascended Mogul, Sex Mastery and much more recently I have added Primal Seduction to my stack. I am on my third day listening to PS. I rotate more or less as follow: 2x Ascended Mogul 2x Primal Seduction and 2x Sex Mastery ( with 2x Libertine in the morning right when I wake up). What’s happened most recently in terms of changes.

Work front: I will have had 3 interviews by the end of this week ( I have been unemployed for 4 months now and have moved from the UK to France). I am starting a temp job tomorrow morning doing recruitment for this company. One of my short term goal I have been hand-writing in my journal was to get some short term employment opportunity to finish December and make a little bit of cash. I have two other opportunities for the start of the year 2020: one more permanent as a mortgage broker and another as a customer service person for an AI-driven accounting firm so things are moving in my favour. Ultimately once I have the stability of a recurring income and strong social status I will switch to either Khan or Emperor as I want to start a side hustle and become a free man!

Women front: I have been listening to Sex Mastery for 20 days consistently and I will keep doing that. I now get up with a morning wood that last as long as I decide that it should last. I wake up through the night with strong ass erections as well which is really cool. Even If I don’t have access to any female sexual companionship at the moment I know deep down that this is going to be mind-blowing when it happens and I will be well prepared.

I have decided to invest in Primal Seduction. I have been very attracted to this program as I am a social guy who speaks to women when I am out and about. More often than I would like I don’t sexualize my conversations though or don’t have a strong sexual intent as I have been letting my material situation drive my confidence down as a man ( the whole living with mom and not having a job situation). So I went to a Salsa party ( a big ass one) on Friday night ( the night I got the sub), I listened to it twice before heading out. The numbers of good looking women there, was just mind-blowing. I felt quite confortable dancing with many even being a complete beginner. That was a big eye opener for me, I just though “man, you got to walk up to these hot ass mamas in there and let them know what you thinking”. I am ready to take action with this one!

Dreams: I was listening to the masked version of PS this morning as I woke up around 4am I thought " Hey, let’s throw a loop of PS masked" and something weird happened! Towards the end of the audio track I found myself almost like in a lucid dream. I was on my bed and I was looking to my left at my laptop’s screen which was bright blue ( it was really black in reality), my subconscious had cut out the sounds of the water flowing covering the messages in the masked sub and was only picking up on this weird and hard to described frequency that was going up and down in pitch in a certain pattern ( it almost sounded psychedelic) and as the pitch was going up I was feeling myself (almost fully conscious) being picked up and out of my body toward the ceiling, the physical sensation was real as fuck! When I awoke out of it I could still pick up a bit of that sound behind the mask! It was crazy but so cool!

Oh yea and one more thing, earlier this lady called me from this temp agency. She asked me one question and as I was proceeding to answer she did one of my pet peeve, she said " Can I put you on hold I have a double call". I answered without thinking in a very dominant way " Why don’t just call me back instead rather than make me wait"

That’s about it for now folks,
Have a kick ass week!


Here is a quick update I wanted to write. I am starting to feel inner changes both using Ascended Mogul and Primal Seduction and ( to a lesser degree now that it has been about a month since I started listening), Sex Master. First blood flow to the penis. My penis is much fuller than before, even in a flaccid state. I can pretty much get erect at will just by using my mind’s command and we are talking for hours on end and that is not even while having intercourse. Most of it is happening at night though when I am chilling in bed oscillating between time of sleep and time awoke. As far as the confidence with the ladies, I find myself chit chatting with them for no particular reason, even if it is just a very brief exchange of a few words. I can tell I am not seeking as much validation as I used to. I don’t really care if girls are looking at me or not actually! I can feel some sexual current circulating between the ladies and I and it is very subtle, almost like if themselves are not aware of it. As far as Ascended Mogul, It is still the sub I listen the most to. I can tell that it is changing me internally as well. I feel like more the shit as a man! I don’t necessary sweat alphaness all day long but having said that I am really quick to react if anyone is lacking respect or behaving in a manner that is irritating to me. So here is my quick update. I wish you all to have an awesome christmas eve for those who celebrates it! Shalom!


OK fellas,

So it is time to pick this journal back up. With the christmas break upon us, it has mostly been family and food and my subs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I noticed this year that I have been much more comfortable around my own family! I don’t know about you guys but I noticed this year that a lot of my family members, who are not usually so much the family type, started to get closer and bond with the rest of the tribe. It has been heart- warming in these times of uncertainty and social unrest that we are going through ( I live in France). I have taken the role of the mentor towards my much younger nephew ( 17) and it has been surprisingly rewarding as a man ( that is it guy I am officially 36 since the 20th of Dec). I pin this change of attitude to Ascended Mogul.

On the work front, I am really crushing work and find a lot of satisfaction in getting shit done. My boss really likes me, my assertiveness and go getter attitude.

On the women front, funny thing happened today, when I came in I saluted everyone at the coffee machine downstairs and just put my lunch in the fridge before heading back up to my office. When my female boss came up, she soon-after turned to me and told me that I had female admirers downstairs that were asking about me, saying that I had loads of charisma and were asking if I was single. So here you have it, Primal Seduction is doing its work like it has done to many prior to me! I feel very happy about that.

Overall my energy is way up and I am super productive and feel hopeful about life again. Biggg party coming up tomorrow night! I am going to have loads of fun! I will be relaxing into bringing the most fun possible to it and I am happy with that.

Keep kicking ass and taking names!


So it has been a slow month for me. I believe most changes are happening below the surface like hot magma boiling under the earth’s crust before exploding. First off, I am a sucker for SubClub and very well written sales copy. So I must give props to @SaintSovereign for what he has been doing with the copywriting on the various subs. The one that really resonated with how I felt with my present situation ( being behind all of my peers in terms of job advancement, money, net worth, status and women) has been Ecstasy of Gold. So I bought it and put it on my credit card! I have been on stage 1 for about 7 days nows, mostly ultrasonics, day and night. In the morning I only listen 2 or 3 times to TrueSocial ( with Social King) as I had already bought it but didn’t realise how important and effective a sub it would be until I actually read Saints’ salescopy that he sent. So I reiterate that these emails have been extremely helpful and I would love to see them coming for subs such as PS or Libertine. What is does to me is help create a feeling of expectation, like it is guiding or pushing my subconscious a bit more. I will post again about what has been going on in the past 30 days tonight.