Sex and seduction v2 (w aura) removed?


Hello peops, so I came to realisation that two of my subliminals have been missing from my account. The SS with aura masked and SS with aura ultrasonic. Is anyone else having this problem?


I still have SS V2.1 w aura ultrasonic. I don’t have masked with aura, and I don’t think I ever had that.


There is no masked version of the SS with aura.


We’re going to fix this during the hiatus.


there was a masked v2 i rmb that


alright thank you


Yes, there was a masked v2. But the version with aura is v2.1. It’s not the same.


Ahh didn’t know that!


So what’s the masked v2 about


V2 was to fix a sound issue I believe


which one is the latest tho??? v2 or v2.1


2.1 is the latest