Seven of Troy journal

Just downloaded HoT. Here is what I will acheive.

Getting fit, losing weight (around 20lbs)
Overall getting my face more symmetrical and pretty.

Starting in a few days, currently in washout.



It’s a great sub!

Enjoy :blush:


Not sure what exactly to write in journal but here goes.
First week with HoT jump roped or ran every day.
Finding it easier not to stress binge which has been major problem for me since having a second kid a year and a half ago.


Good results!! Keep pushing!

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Thank you,
Week 2 not going quite as well. Skin is breaking out like a teenager and slacking off on my fitness routine.

That’s probably a phase within your physical shifting. Some times my hair had to thin before it began thickening, my skin had to break out before it began to fix, and slackening in your workout motivation could be because you’re too busy going through deep physical changes underneath the surface and don’t have the energy to be in the gym.


I hope you are right, skin is still breaking out which hasn’t happened in years.
I had an incredibly stressful day today but had no desire to binge which is also unusual for me.
Couldn’t tell you If I lost any weight because I’m scared to weigh myself, scared of getting discouraged.
Haven’t noticed anything else.

Switched to LBFH and started a paper journal so probably won’t update here much.


Stay strong girl, all the best

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