Set & Forget Question



For the Set and Forget. Do you guys just leave it on your phones - even when there is outside distractions, even when the phone is in your pocket etc?

Or are you wired with headsets?


Wearing headset for ultrasonic subs is not encouraged.
And also when I do the set & forget method I just let it play in my phone even when there’s outside distraction.


When you go out - do you hold your phone or keep it in your pocket?


As for me, I put it on regardless of outside distractions. When going out, I put the phone’s speakers upwards outside of the pocket so that the sound is able to reach my ears.


When I’m at work, I just leave the phone on my desk. While driving, I put it away. It’s set and forget, the concept is that you’ll get enough exposure just by going about your day.