September 60 hour work week Consulting Custom

Hey everyone wanted to get your thoughts on this custom I will build in September when I will doing 60 hour workweeks and maybe even 80. It’s a success/status focused custom (Would love to get your opinions on the modules where I put not sure and if I should add them or replace them for something else) @Ichiban definitely wanna get your opinion on this as well:) :

Emperor: HoM Core (For sure)
Stark Core (For sure)
Technological Prodigy (For sure)
Productivity Unleashed (For sure)
Machine: Action (For sure)
Informaticon (For sure)
The Streams (For sure)
Dominion (For sure)
Submodel Alpha (For sure)
Sultan (For sure)
Carpe Diem Ascended (For sure)
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy (For sure)

Financial Success Reality Shifter (For sure)
Lifeblood Fable (For sure)
Power Unleashed (Not sure)
Emperor’s Voice (Not sure)
Direct Influecing Aura (For sure)
Ethereal Presence (For Sure)
Overdrive (For sure)
Omnidimensional (For sure)


Looks good! Only suggestion would be adding something that supports communication (Dragon Tongue) and creativity (Renaissance Man).

The communication related module would be particularly important if you’ll be in a client-facing role or expected to participate in sales pitches or proposal presentations.

Also, as a personal preference I’d replace Stark for Chosen. However, since you are involved in tech/cybersecurity consulting, I understand how Stark could be the better option for you.

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That’s actually why I added Stark! I feel like it would match the communication and creativity part perfectly (Also Technological Prodigy gives creativity relating to tech from my experience so it’s perfect in a cyber security case). I just saw you mentioned Dragon Tongue looks interesting but wouldn’t hom handle it with this objective? " * Easily persuade others to helping you achieve your financial goals."?

Also wouldn’t Power Unleashed be better then Dragon Tongue in my case for my custom, what do you think?

Pragya and Natural Winner


They are important in every custom

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I’m not too familiar with the modules, I mentioned dragon tongue because it is focused on the communication topic. If some of the others you have support communication, particularly within a business context, that would be all you need. I don’t think you should double down on communication unless it is something where you need extra help.

I have to disagree since it depends on the person. I would add them but see I don’t need them for two reasons. 1) Anyone who knows knows I get really fast results with my customs so adding Pragya in even though would give even faster results wouldn’t help my custom (It’s because of this too that I get bored sometimes and make a new custom because my previous custom achieved the goals I wanted and so I wanted to improve that custom even more) and 2) My mindset is already very success/winner focused (Partially because of Stark for the success side and Wanted for the dating side) if you knew me personally and from the people who know me on the forum so adding Natural Winner wouldn’t be the best idea (This is why I added Overdrive instead), I rather add something that would make my custom even more good (Also hom has a part of Natural Winner so why add it?) but thank you for sharing I appreciate it:)

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This is Power Unleashed: Power Unleashed – Quintessence by Subliminal Club

What’s your thoughts on this?

Perfecto Amigo


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That looks like a very good option. It is broader than just communication, and can help with getting your point across and people respecting your opinion regardless of your level in the organization.

Having said that, I’d assume Emperor must have some of this already, so I’d only add if you want to reinforce this aspect of your personality. Also, I’d be ware of this making you too intimidating, which sometimes doesn’t sit well with supervisors and clients. If you are naturally intimidating/blunt/direct in the way you interact with others you may want to reconsider adding this.

Okay I will think about that one! Have you ever used Dragon Tongue? If you did what was your experience with it?

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No, I’ve never owned a custom. Let me know how it works out for you. Really interested in getting your perspective as it applies to consulting!

I like the productivity and wealth modules I add (I get pretty productive and sometimes I have a bit too much energy, that’s why I added Single Point as well to help with long focus as well to support the increase productivity and energy if that makes sense. Not a fan of Machine: Rest to be honest makes me too sleepy all day.

For Fusion Optimized, according to it’s sales page: “This is because Fusion Optimized also develops your overall nutrition, developing your knowledge of food, drink and all kinds of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and any other substances, while guiding you to a state of incredible well-being through nutrition.” @enigma12 can back me up on this but like I already have all those things checked out, I feel like Fusion Optimized in a non spiritual custom would be good for a person who has a bad diet but my diet is basically optimized for cognitive benefits/increasing testosterone (Thanks to the help of @enigma12 ;)). But I see what you mean I should of gave more context on that part.

Interesting Carpe Diem Ascended never made me feel mad psyched up. It did give me motivation and a mindset (This is one of the reasons why I don’t have Natural Winner in my custom) like this thought (P.S I know some people don’t like Tate I’m specifically just talking about the mindset and not Tate): Andrew Tate on How to Become Successful (Do These 4 Things) - YouTube

Where I can’t sleep or going out until I achieve a goal I need for a day (Sometimes this affects my sleep but usually I can fix it because at night is when I constantly thing about how to be more successful). So Carpe stays in my custom for sure.

I think for Carpe Diem Ascended it really depends on your goal, like for Luther I know he’s very focused on getting motivation to get more girls which I don’t see as something Carpe Diem Ascended should be used to it’s fullest potential. I feel like that module is best for success/status related custom to get motivated to become the best at a job or to always work the best for your business (To be honest I think this would a great module for you @Billions :)).


Yup! I’ve got 3 customs with Carpe in it :slight_smile: