Self-development section

How about creating a self-development section with its subsections like: Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Money and Women?
There’s a lot of knowledgable users in the club who eagerly share their knowledge and experiences in those matters, why not let them do that in a special section then?

@SaintSovereign and @Fire


Didn’t you just do that here? All that would have to be done is to move this to some where else…

It’s only one thread and it would be a mess if we put all the stuff in it. That’s why it would be great to have a separate section. On top of that, it could attract more people here.

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I agree with this entire thread.
Gym threads, seduction threads, business threads.
The dudes on here are the smartest people with deep knowledge I would rather use this space to give and take about life than any sub reddit or regular forum


That’s one of the things the Emperor’s Lounge Is for