Self Acceptance & Forgiveness


I would like to know which subs have self acceptance and forgiveness scripting in them?

Does Elixir have that or Regeneration?

Asking those that actually happen to know :slightly_smiling_face:

Not here to create a debate about the difference between self love and acceptance.

For me both are not identical, but one can help or lead to the other.

These are issues I want to work on healing.

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The topic of Guidance of the subliminals is coming up a lot on the forum lately. This question you have been raising is another perfect situation for applying Guidance.

Similar themes have come up in the past when people raised the topics of Shadow and Shadow Work.

There are aspects of us that are rejected or locked away from awareness. Issues that are within those areas may take a longer time to be addressed. First they need to be accepted into the realm of identity, and Who I Am. They can, then, be more thoroughly loved, cared for, and healed.

To some extent, this process (of internal acceptance) happens naturally; without subliminal assistance. Our dreams, our subconscious behaviors, our spontaneous reactions to the people and situations that we witness, and so on, are constantly making brief connections to the processes within us that we have distanced, suppressed, or rejected. Any time that this happens it is a potential invitation for us to accept and embrace additional parts of who and what we are; who and what we can be.

Ultimately, this is a choice, and no subliminal program is going to force you to embrace some aspect of yourself.

Some programs, however, can make it easier to explore the intimidating, rejected, or shameful parts of yourself. They can strengthen your emotional confidence, your flexibility, and your resilience; so that you feel less threatened by the prospects of what you may encounter. This can enable you to become a braver and more courageous explorer of yourself.

And everywhere that you are willing to visit, everywhere you are willing to explore, will now allow the effects of your healing programs to range even farther and to include and accept even more of who you are. It’s a growth process, and your intentional participation is one integral part of that process.

If the above principles are clear, then the responses to your question should also start to be clearer.

You can use Elixir, Dragon Reborn, or Regeneration (any Emotional Healing program) combined with your gradually increasing willingness and determination to explore and accept more of who you are.

You can use “spiritual” programs like The Alchemist combined with the intention to explore and include more of who you are into an enhanced, integrated identity.

The subliminals won’t force you, but they can give you a clear sense of what is possible and an enhanced sense of confidence that you are indeed able to make this journey.

There are also Q-store modules such as Vortexdive Crucible, Righteous Ire, Achilles, Fearsome, and Emotions Unfettered (and others) that directly focus on building an integrative connection with emotions, sensations, and parts of ourselves that we often consider to be challenging, negative, or shameful and so on.

Conversely, there are programs such as Faith Unyielding, Courage Reclaimed, Immortal’s Blade, Immortal’s Courage, and Pride Unbroken that can foster the openness, self-efficacy, and a sense of safety and confidence to face parts of ourselves that we may have suppressed and rejected in the past. Fear of pain, fear of rejection, and fear of being overwhelmed are some of the most common forces underlying our move to lock away these parts of ourselves. Often when the fear decreases, a person will naturally and spontaneously integrate more of who she is.

The fact that you are even exploring these questions so seriously and consistently is a sign that the conscious intention is already active in you. Combining this intention with healing and internal development programs will certainly lead to significant progress in the areas you wish to address.


Wow, thank you for such a comprehensive reply.


Just a quick one, which subs are primary for release of the past, letting go and finding peace with one’s self?

Hello @Scott

I’ve been noticing your posts regarding self acceptance, and while I apologize for not commenting sooner, I actually wanted to give you some kind of an answer that had actual value, instead of just trying to give you recommendations based on objectives of subs alone.

Now, I would like to first ask you a question, and only then do I think we can dissect your query in a better way.

So my question is: what is that you lack self acceptance for? Is it your looks? Your behavior? Your life?

You see, if you can pinpoint what is it that holds you back from truly accepting yourself, it will keep making you feel like shit, simply due to the fact that you might be targeting areas on a whim, instead of thinking deeply.

Let me give you an example from personal experience:

I’ve been known on this forum for being the guy who ran WANTED the longest, and I have friends on here who have seen the evidence of how much female attention I get on a daily basis (heck I even had to reject a marriage proposal a few months back), but do you know why I kept going on with WANTED?
Because I thought that I lacked self-acceptance in how I look, hence why I wanted to generate attraction to build up my self image acceptance from within.

Did it work? Yes and no.
While it did help me realize how hot I am and my sexual value in the market, it was starting to feel shallow, guess why?
Because it wasn’t the main cause of the lack of self-acceptance of my image, because what I craved deep down was to feel good about my character, not my looks, so in that sense, Stark was what helped (I know, it’s not a self acceptance sub, but it’s actually what helped, along with Chosen).

So now you might be wondering “how did Stark help?”, and to answer you simply:
You don’t need the sub to specifically be about self acceptance, that comes from within when you take the necessary action to address the issue that is blocking you from accepting yourself.

So yeah, answer the question and we shall discuss further.

Much love :heart:


Releasing the past, Letting go, Finding Peace with oneself:

The Healing programs are the ones that address these points most directly: Regeneration, Dragon Reborn, Elixir, Rebirth, A Love Bomb for Humanity.

If we’re talking about programs that indirectly address these points then the list gets much longer.

You can go check out the discussion threads related to those programs. There are a lot of users on the forum who have dived deeply into them and into these areas.

Check out the program descriptions on the site. And pay special attention to the Objectives listed at the end of each description.

Looks like you might want to start with Regeneration, if you haven’t already. Then expand outward from there as your goals and understanding evolve.

But take the time to explore and really think about it first.


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Yes. You can add this to the list of Healing programs.

CFW stands for Chosen from Within. It is an experimental subliminal that gets complimentarily bundled when you buy the program called CHOSEN. Chosen from Within combines Chosen with elements of Regeneration and other interesting elements. You can find the description on the website.

And you can add Chosen: Way of Nature to your list of Healing-oriented programs as well. This is a program with a broader ecological focus. It focuses not only on internal healing but also healing the connection between the individual and the broader natural context.


Thanks for your thoughtful input.

It’s hard to identify one factor as to the issue of self acceptance.

It seems quite complex, stemming from a combination.

Feelings of inner conflict, frustration, anger, guilt and shame, fears, insecurities, self loathing…

Patterns that perpetute themes that reinforce a sense of being uwanted, unloved, rejected or abandoned.

Not that I am unlovable or unlikable but I have found it difficult to make close friends.

I’m a bit different so not a lot of people resonate with me.

I get along with team mates at work well, and associate with a couple of them.

Looks wise I reckon Im average but am smart, with good wit and humour, depth of character.

Contradictions within myself, challenging situations to reconcile…

I feel blocked in the mind, a mental knot that is tense, an acute sense of being stuck inside…

Compounded and compacted over time…

Shut down and closed off between mind and heart, caught up in the head, unable to get out of the mind and into heartspace, or just be open hearted and flow with life in the present moment.

A disconnect from God or the Universe, a feeling of blockage and separation from Source.

Obsessiveness, overthinking, a lack of inner freedom and peace…

Restlessness, keep searching for happiness, and fulfillment within…

I also love to experiment and explore, have an inventive and ingenuative heart, a kind and generous one.

Great at research, an inquisitive mind and pioneering spirit…

Feel ruined for the mundane, have tasted of higher realms, had a bunch of supernatural experiences growing up, born for greater, much more…

So might have been targeted to keep me from spiritual awakening or from consciousness expansion.

There has been some incidents of sabotage…

I feel my journey has been quite solitary, and want to shift this emptiness and aloneness into a more fruitful life.

My desire is to contribute to human kind in a revolutionary way and leave a legacy that shall not be forgotten or lost.

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Regarding this statement, may I ask how old you are?

Module : Path of Forgiveness

With this module I could forgive the unforgivable to others and myself everything


Now tell me:

How would you contribute?
What is it that you have or do that’s worth referring to as “legacy”?

The answers to your questions are within you…
Expand your thinking

To answer your first question, I feel my lack of self acceptance is in part due to behaviour and life. Also feeling not that desirable or being inadequate.

As far as me revolutionising the planet or humanity and leaving a positive impact that lasts, this could be in the realm of dreams :smiley: