Seeking Your Expert Guidance to Achieve my Ambitious Vision

I hope you are all doing well. Today, I reach out to you with enthusiasm and hope, seeking your valuable assistance in turning my ambitious vision into reality. As a devoted listener to your powerful subconscious programs, including Emperor, Rich, Dragon, Stark, and The Ecstasy of Gold, I have achieved exceptional results in all aspects of my life. The transformative impact of your programs has ignited a great ambition within me and motivated me to strive for higher levels.

Now, I am ready to embark on a new chapter of my life and become a successful entrepreneur. Being a citizen of the beloved Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I am deeply influenced by the bold and transformative Vision 2030 set forth by the Saudi government. I am fully committed to becoming an active part of this vision, contributing to the progress of my nation, and leaving a lasting impact on society. My firm and rooted goal is to join the ranks of billionaires and establish a diverse portfolio of successful companies in various sectors.

Specifically, I am fascinated by the immense potential in sectors such as hydroponic agriculture, renewable energy, and water production, utilizing the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. By harnessing the power of subconscious programming, I am confident that I can unlock boundless creativity, strategic thinking, and unwavering entrepreneurial spirit.

I have a query for you: Can you guide me towards the optimal customized program that aligns with my aspirations and supports me in achieving my personal goals? I am fully prepared to listen to the subliminal recordings and follow the instructions with utmost dedication and determination.

I fully understand that the journey towards exceptional success requires the right motivation and guidance. Therefore, I am certain that your distinguished Subliminal Club team possesses the necessary expertise and readiness to assist me in reaching the highest levels.

I have complete faith that your subconscious programs will significantly contribute to building my solid self-confidence, enhancing my innovative thinking, and developing my leadership and strategic abilities. I am well aware that achieving my goals will have a profound impact on my personal life and the community as a whole.

Thank you in advance for your valuable support and assistance. I am excited to work with you and reach the pinnacle of success and sustainable achievement.

I am ready to embark on this wonderful journey with you and eagerly look forward to continuous growth, development, and transformation that I will achieve with your strong support and meaningful guidance.

Thank you once again, and I eagerly await your forthcoming guidance.



Off topic but I must say that this post is very well written and way too formal. :laughing:

So you want to build customs that align with your goals right?

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Assuming I’m right in the above post I would recommend building two customs if possible. One focused on innovation and one on wealth.

Here are a few modules I would recommend for innovation:

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Yes, that is what I intend to do.

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Thank you, I really appreciate your suggestions, and I will definitely take them into consideration.

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I didn’t suggest any wealth modules because I find them confusing. They all seem the same to me.

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In what specific ways do you want to contribute?

What activities would you want to engage in?

When you are the year 2035 and look back on what you have done, what would you and others see?


Since I haven’t established any other companies yet, I will now focus on the agricultural company.

A few months ago, my agricultural company started with a small capital investment of $2.7 million. I presented a strategic plan to establish an organic seed bank, which serves as a key foundation for the success of my company and achieving global expansion in the future. The company aims to acquire the seed sector in the region and gain control over it.

Saudi Arabia enjoys an ideal environment for opportunities and growth, with the seed market estimated at around $12 billion. By creating our own organic seed bank, the company will be able to meet the growing demand in the market and offer a wide range of high-quality organic seeds to farmers and investors interested in agriculture.

Afterward, the company will work on establishing or acquiring the largest hydroponics company, with the goal of expanding its presence in this sector.

The company is earnestly striving to achieve dominance in this sector in the region and build a strong reputation for itself. The company will invest in Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to enhance production and distribution processes, aiming to deliver superior and innovative products in the organic seed market. With its clear vision and innovative strategy, the company seeks to achieve global expansion in the organic seed sector and capitalize on the growing interest in organic farming and the increasing demand for organic seeds worldwide.

By achieving success in this company, we will pave the way for other companies.

This plan is expected to be realized by 2026 at the latest.


Which programs or modules have you considered thus far?

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The Major Programs are :

  1. House of Medici
  2. Ecstasy of Gold ST4
  3. R.I.C.H.
  4. Power Can Corrupt
  5. Limitless Executive

And the units are:

  1. Furious Ascent
  2. Carpe Diem Ascended
  3. Cosmic Navigator
  4. Ebon Maneuver
  5. Organization Perfected
  6. The Lines
  7. The Single Point
  8. Victory’s Call
  9. Fenrir
  10. Mastermind
  11. Sultan
  12. Fearsome

Before I ask my question, this was the belief I considered appropriate, but now I have become interested in the idea of creating two customs, and I would like to know how to benefit from them and hear your opinions. I have listened to all the major programs for 2-3 months


I suspect you’re currently running EOG. Its the one program that easily connects wealth with nation building. Continue that.

Second program worth adding would be anything supports you in coming across as a trusted & futuristic leader. Chosen would be best, yet depending on the user Stark, House of Medici, or Renaissance Man would work too.

Optionally, if you feel a need for cognitive support, you may choose a third program among Quantum Limitless, Revelation of Mind, and others.

Start with a stack. Custom can be built after a cycle or two.



That’s a good list. You’re on the right track.



Customs shouldn’t be all over the place. Like you are cramming health, wealth, innovation, spirituality, seduction, physical shifting modules in one custom.

Customs should be very focused on only one category of goals. So make one focused health, wealth and innovation each.

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Thank you for your positive comment! I’m glad you consider the list to be good and that you see me on the right track. I also appreciate your support and encouragement.


If I create two customs, one focusing on innovation and the other on wealth, what is the protocol for listening to them?

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Regarding this, from my own experience, very good supporting modules are The Streams and I.Q. and Cognitive Booster, so you can save the core spot for something else.
Of course, the Core option is always better.

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You would find almost all of your queries regarding this answered on this website.

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Just to play devils advocate, you could go with a scattergun approach but it the downside is it takes more time to get solid results in all the areas.

However, with that in mind, maybe combining an indirect and direct strategy is an interesting one. An indirect route that results in helping you get there also such as a love type module. They can build your genuine trustworthiness with people resulting in higher close rates for example.


Honestly I didn’t know of that.

That sure would be interesting.

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It looks like you have looked through the Q shop to read about the different modules.

I would recommend you go through the entire Q shop and main shop, reading about each module, item by item, so you can develop a thorough list to suit your ideas, plans, and goals.

Then we here on this forum can help you narrow it down.

Here are a few to get you started:

Mountain Breaker
Treasure Finder
Plateau Transcendent
Technological Prodigy
Marvel of Engineering
Stark Core

Cosmic Wealth
Cashflow Catalyst
Instant Business Tactician
Financial Success Reality Shifter
Positive Being Attractor - Wealth
Secret Source
The Way of ROI
True Sell Core
Secrets of Akasha – Wealth
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation and Energy
Wealth Limit Destroyer


I didn’t know there was a module like that.