Seeking a good media player for a Chromebook


I’ve used my desktop PC for playing subs these last 2 years, but mainly since the ultrasonic subs I was running did not work with my Chromebook laptop speakers. I found out that SubClub’s ultrasonic frequencies work well on my Chromebook, and I’m seeking a good player to stack them in presently.

I’ve used VLC, but it’s not working on my Chromebook. The extension uses a much older version of VLC.
The built in media player for Chromebook works fine, but I can’t stack them. I’ve ran Ascension or Rebirth, but could only loop the single tracks.
I’ve not figured out how to run iTunes yet.

If anyone uses a Chromebook for running subs, which player do you use?

Thanks for the guidance.


I don’t use Chromebook, but I am a big fan of Winamp. Here is a clone of it for Chromebook:


Is Google Music Play available on the Chromebook? It’s what I used when I had an android phone.


@SaintSovereign, I did open Google Music Play, but I thought I could only use online media for it. Check me if I’m incorrect.

And @amash, I hooked up to the Amplitude extension on Chromebook. I’ve not found out how to upload my songs to it yet :confused:


Can you try this player @subliminalguy?


You can upload files to the Google Music Cloud and then, once you listen to them on Google Music Play, it downloads to the computer.


An update on using my 'chromebook: I’ve gone back to my desktop PC to play my subs.

  1. I began using the Enjoy player last night. I had one BIG problem. I could not find a repeat button in it anywhere. No deal.
  2. I used my desktop PC at my normal volume levels running ultrasonic last night. No ear pain at all, plus I woke up very in touch with some changes happening, so I am hearing it just fine.
  3. A major reason I’m using my PC is SubClub’s stance of “set and forget”. I don’t like to have to think “is it on?” which is why I’ve been using it so long on my desktop. I’d not like one more thing to have to remember, which using my Chromebook laptop requires. Keeping it simple means keeping it playing on my desktop.

Thank you, @amash and @saintsovereign, for your help in finding possible solutions.


I woke up late this morning, and after reading in the Rebirth thread, I decided to add some more Rebirth loops in my stack.

My monitor’s not working. I’ve had it plugged into my desktop for at least 5 years, and I’ve never had a problem with it. Unplugged it and did some dummy tests, but still no power to it.

So I’m using my Chromebook for my stack currently with their built in audio player. And I’d made a
music folder for the Enjoy player, and I pulled that stack into the player. Working fine presently.

I’m wondering if I should just go get another monitor. Anybody have tech advice?


@subliminalguy Would you check out the Godlike Masculinity thread? See if what is said there appeals to the part of you that is guiding you to be your own man and make your own decisions :slight_smile: