Seeing into the future - Terminus "Quantum Leap Predict Your Future"


Some users I believe have experienced jumping into the future. Then moving back to their present using terminus. At least two users claimed they had had jumped into the future and heard their brothers or girlfriends talking to them about something then it happened.

Is it really possible for one to see or make a quantum leap into the future ?. I am looking forward to hearing insights from our good friends DarkPhilosopher and Hermit.


It could be a “Glitch in the Matrix” experience.

They somehow imagined a future scene- consciously or unconsciously I don’t know - a scene which impressed their subconscious so hard that they later on manifested that reality. The subconscious mind cannot tell real apart from fake, so that scene that they imagined became real.


Its very possible I think it was Hermit who experienced moving foreward in time. Will have to hear what he has to say for himself.


So you telling me Terminus got it’s power from the Time Stone?


@ Sirchiropractixalot feel free to mock myself and members however keep in mind that this forum is about about letting go of constricting beliefs.


Not mocking you at all. After Stark came out I’ve been dropping MCU references whenever possible…


In general, it’s much easier to have these experiences than it is to explain them.

It’s easier for a baboon to take a trip on a plane than it is for that same baboon to try to convey the experience of flight to other members of its troop.

Here’s a thought:

If you really check, you may find that you actually can’t locate ‘a moment’. The point when one moment ends and another begins. Technically, any moment that you found could be divided in half. Or it could be increased slightly and it would just be ‘a slightly longer moment’. Is 1 second a moment? A millisecond?

If you observe for a while, it seems to become clear that the way we ‘divide time’ is more a matter of how long and how conveniently we’re able to sustain attention. A ‘moment’ is, for all intents and purposes, the shortest amount of time for which we’re able to sustain attention. (or the longest).

So, time is not really describing much more than our attentional capacity and style. The flow of ‘time’ is basically the series of blinks or blips in our flow of attention. This suggests that if you somehow were to change, train, or transform your attentional style, the system of ‘time division’ that you used would also be worth changing.


I always thought that is the same for a line.

Is a single black line on a piece of paper 1 dimensional?

Perhaps if you take a magnifying glass, you will see that the black line actually has a width, just as you shrink yourself to the 10% of the width of the line. The question here is:

How deep can you go in order to see a true one dimensional line - a line that has no width?

So if we apply this analogy of that black line to the concept of time, we can say that time - over here we assume that time exists as a natural construct to make things clearer- is more “digital” than “analog”.

It is said that we actually have billions of thoughts in one second, and that each of these thoughts represent a single reality in itself. Therefore, if we can manage to locate that “moment” with an extreme ability to hyperfocus, then we could necessarily observe that thought and decide how we want to move to the next thought/reality.


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Thats what I like about this forum lots of smart people sharing their valuable insights :slightly_smiling_face:


Some would say that there is only a single moment. Or in another way, time only exists to keep everything from happening all at once.

However, every person can - in theory - move their consciousness to any moment in time (and space) if they apply enough focus on doing so. In order to do so, you start with your conscious focus, which you hold long enough to engage your subconscious and even higher layers. Once you get high/abstract enough, you could observe other moments in time, past or future.

Terminus has for several people led to a pressure in the third eye area, often associated with extrasensory perception. Saint has indicated it appears to work on a deeper level. Perhaps it somehow bypasses the conscious action and applies such focus directly on the higher levels of consciousness. That then translates back down, making your conscious mind see something.

Without conscious engagement however, it is more likely you would see such things in dreams or other subconscious communications channels. And you would have no control over what you saw or where you went, your subconscious would determine what it thinks you want to see.


I had a not so weird one compared to others here on TERMINUS where in the morning I thought “hmmm I haven’t seen my neighbors across the hall in a long time”. A few hours later I ran into them in a different part of town.

They say each one of us has infinite parallel universes where we are living out different lives. It’s just which one we are aware of right now.

Maybe these experiences are the start of TERMINUS shifting us into our famous billionaire playboy parallel universe??


@HappyHero i actually think the same terminus is opening up a gateway between our unconscious minds and the parallel universe that exists for each of us.


I wonder what quantum limitless stage 3+4 terminus would do lol.


@Floridianninja i never bought QL so I wont even know :slightly_smiling_face: however imagine a terminus version of QL