Seductress, Spartan & Chosen

Well I have been using Spartan and Chosen ZP and Seductress QV2 since 1st Dec as per listening guidelines. I have struggled with exercise due rto coming out of depression but this week (beg 13 Dec) I have exercise at least 3 times - first 2 sessions were for 15 minutes but 3rd session was for 30 mins :blush:
Last night while I was waiting to go for a nail appointment, I went to a mobile kebab bar ordered food. Next thing I know I am being chatted up. I couldn’t believe it. Long time since that happened. It was effortless too.
On the work front things are changing there. My boss seems to be willing to see what other strengths I have. Also I texted a male friend that I thought he was a good father and not to forget it. I also said I thought he was a good man. Straight off he rang me. We haven’t spoken for at 5 weeks.
All this I believe has been due to these subliminals - so what happens by 21st Dec (first 21 days are up)?


Living here in Wiltshire I’m lucky to live near Glastonbury so decided to take my friend Angie for an afternoon out before we are hit with another lockdown. Well it just really great.

First of coffee and a bacon sandwich in our favorite cafe. One of the ladies had her hair in dreadlocks wrapped up on a bun either side with battery operated lights and a Robin in it. My first thought was Hogwats lol. I said so too. The lady laughed and said her son had said the same thing in the morning. Good laugh had by all. Then off shopping. Everywhere we went everyone was very chatty maybe Xmas spirit or was Chosen working?

In our last shop, Sons of Asgard, there was a lady with a dog who obviously didn’t like a man in orange jacket . Angie’s corgi doesn’t like orange jackets either and she is a rescue dog. The lady came towards us so I knelt down and said to the dog didn’t you like the jacket? Well anyone would think I turned into Dr Doolittle. The dog couldn’t get enough fuss from me. At one point was scratch its back and the dog was grinning - it was noticed by the owner . Apparently the dog was a rescue dog with anxiety issues. However the all of us stood (including the owner of the shop) all chatting about animals while the dog sat on my feet. The owner recognised my friend and me and said business was booming given they had only been open 4-6 months. I said was really pleased for them. Apparently even if the shop is shut online trade was doing well.

On the way home Angie said it was the best time yet she had going with everyone stopping and chatting to us like old friends. I grinned and put it down to Chosen and Seductress :rofl:


Have to admit I don’t know what to do with myself on rest days. I have set reminders for Spartan and Chosen to be played every 4 days and Seductress to be played every 4 days albeit 2 days after the first lot. This round will finish on 21st. Then 5 day break - mmm tweedle thumbs at 2 in the morning lol. Then start again. Happy Sunday wherever you are :blush:


Today had to pick up meds from local pharmacy. Car will bonnet up. To me looks like someone needs a jump start. I walk over to the guy and I ask if I can help. He says if he can get his van next to his wife’s car he should be fine but it is surrounded by parked cars. The first thing that I say is why don’t we push the car back so you can jump start it? Guy looks like he has had light bulb moment and said never thought of that. I offer to give him a hand when an elderly gent gets into a car next to the broken car and drives off. The guy looks at me thanks me and wishes me happy Christmas.

That has to be Chosen working quietly. It will be interesting to see how my work call goes. Exercise seems to have gone off the boil :thinking: no idea why maybe too close to Crimble lol


On my 5 day break now and it seems strange not to be listening to anything. Actually managed to exercise for half hour after giving myself a good stiff talking to :rofl:
Worked out a plan for the next ten days yes that includes working Christmas Day.

My plan is to work out for ten days at a time that way hopefully I complete my 90 workout programme in bitesize chucks.

With everything that is going on with COVID, I do hope you all have a good Christmas and New Year with your families and friends. Looking forward to getting Seductress in ZP format. Thanks to everyone for just being on this forum too

Best wishes from me xx


Wishing the same to you and yours.

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Yesterday afternoon - How not to put your foot in your mouth when meeting a new friend. Anyone seen Jupiter Rising might think this is along similar lines when Jupiter says she likes dogs to Cain when he tells her to strap in. (Good film in my view).

I’m around my friend Pete’s house when his friend Scott turns up. We get introduced. Pete says to Scott you look smart. Scott says I have my winter coat on. What does Deb say with a great big grin on her face - that makes you sound like a dog - oh whoops sorry that’s sounds rude ummmm. Meanwhile Pete and Scott are standing there giggling. Scott replies with woof woof to which I say that’s Pete’s normal response to me. I then say I’m leaving before I’m make things worse. Both men just stood giggling as if its alright dear we forgive you.

Two hours later driving past Pete’s house, Scott and Pete are outside and see me driving down the road. They stand there laughing and waving so guess no offence had been taken or was that a polite smile :blush:

Repeated the story to another male friend last night who burst out laughing saying only you could do that and not offend anyone. Maybe I need a filter :thinking: :crazy_face:


02.02.2022 - All the 2s lol. Don’t know what happened to me but I weighed my breakfast cereal instead of just pouring into the bowl. Made decaf coffee. Decided to get to the gym for the 2nd time in 3 days.

When I got there warmed up with push ups which I’m not very good at but at least I had a go at it. Down dog to stretch the calves and then 20 squats before 20 minutes on the cross trainer. Last time I only last 10 minutes. The cross trainer is programmed for 30 mins. Walked to and from the gym. Once I got home it rained.

Had a cooked meal (haven’t done that in months). Watched a bit of TV. Then 5pm did chest and arms from RIPT90 FIT programme (Day 11 or 12).

Had a slimfast shake for tea.

Set my diary up on phone to do the following:

  • gym on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun mornings 6am
  • Ript90 fit dvd Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun evening (unless its a rest day) 5pm
  • Ript90 fit dvd Tues and Thurs mornings 6am
  • attend dance class Tues evening at gym 6pm
  • attend cardio strength class thurs evening at gym 6pm

Will I be able to maintain this? no idea but I think It has come from listening to Seductress, Spartan and Chosen and the fact and I’m going back to work on a gradual basis and want to keep exercising and keep my depression/anxiety in check. This might be overkill but if it works and helps me sleep without medication I have to try it.

Who knows what 12 weeks of this regime (RIPT90 is 12 weeks) I will look like :thinking:


11.02.22 Day 21. Well I’m still keeping up with my twice day exercising. After researching which is the best way strength or cardio first, I decided it was best to do my dvd first (strength) first which means I can get my working day done without leaving home. Research says if you want to lose weight do strength first, leave 6 hrs between sessions before doing cardio.

I tend to get breakfast while laptop warms up, lunch is everything I can bake on a tray for 45 mins. When that’s ready take ten to 20 min break before afternoon shift starts. Come half 3 I’m finished for the day.

Then it’s off to the gym to either work out on the treadmill or the cross trainer for 30 minutes.

Tonight I did my 2nd week of Sweat with Steph which is really a dance class and I really enjoyed myself. May not always get the steps right but hey its enjoyable and meet other people.

I really finished this post off on morning of 12.01.22 as I got interrupted by calls. I can say that the way I’m eating and exercising is reflected on the scales. On 3rd Jan I was 12st 10 1/2 and this morning I’m 12st 8 3/4. Slow and steady wins the race I believe :blush:


Well not being doing so good but hey. Restarted now that Seductress ZP has been released - thank you @SaintSovereign you have made us girls very happy.

Decided to change the ZPs to Seductress, Love Bomb and Chosen.

On Saturday had my flat valued and the estate agent ended the visit by asking me what days I was at the local gym lol. This was followed up by a call on the Monday again asked if I was going to the gym that evening.

On Sunday went to visit my parents’ grave and meet up with an old friend. Took a female friend with me for the 6 hr trip. While in the coffee shop my female friend said that 2 guys were watching me in the shop. They did come to say goodbye as they left.

Funny thing is the guy I’m interested in this has yet to have an effect lol. :sweat_smile:

Oh well time will tell


Feel better soon. :slight_smile:

I feel like I’ve grown so much on Seductress zp. I even began to feel like this one guy I liked might not be good enough for me anymore.

Give it some time. He will probably come around and you will have other options.


Well the guy I liked has gone off with someone else but accused me of sending messages in Fb when the idiot hasn’t even checked to see if my account is active :rofl:
It was deleted December. Me being the SEDUCTRESS and the better person said when you are willing to listen come back and chat to me and oh don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Another guy (ex work colleague) who apparently has waited 6 years to get close to me, came and visited me for the weekend and then has been running silent due work and other issues. Again me being the SEDUCTRESS is like get on with it. Did send a silly message yesterday saying ‘wasn’t a month ago I saw you here’ - I got ‘yep :blush:’ - so I sent ‘obviously you can’t cope the pace darling you need up gym workouts LOL’ so much for being fit for the Navy. He is 6 yrs younger than me.

I’ve lost weight, some days I do double gym sessions, some days I do nothing but sleep lol. I have just download Emperor Fitness because I need to be in a routine. Hopefully SEDUCTRESS and EMPEROR FITNESS will cause quite a stir :rofl: in any direction I go.