Seductress (replacing Ascension), Mogul and Limitless Executive Journal

Alright, well I’ve had a draft journal for so long that my progress has exceeded my initial results so I scrapped the entire thing. I had said in previous comments I’d made that I would get around to this eventually but I guess getting something started is better than a draft that will likely sit forever.

Mostly right now I want to talk about my experience with Seductress. I’ve had results from the other titles in my stack but Seductress is the one I have ran most consistently. I actually just got over a long break from subs. It wasn’t really a conscious decision I made, which makes me wonder if perhaps it was my subconscious to take it easy for a while.

My progress on all levels have skyrocketed. When I started running Seductress I had realized that I was falling for a friend of mine, and unbeknownst to me, he had similar feelings. I was really low in my depression at the time. I just figured he’s a catch and there’s no way I could see myself being the person he would want. I just braced myself for the day when he would find a girlfriend and eventually drift apart, and was attempting to make peace with that until he started coming around more consistently. I still thought of him as a friend because it felt damaging for me to start thinking of him romantically, but then I finally realized that I was already feeling that way toward him thanks to him being really slick about it. It hit me really hard for some reason, and I realized that I want to be as good to him as he has been to me, and while we both hadn’t been direct with each other yet, my plan was to just enjoy our time together now that I noticed all his small efforts of caring about me, and reciprocate them. I still feared that perhaps I was just looking for something to make me feel better so I might have been making it into something it wasn’t, but at the same time, I was falling for him and so I started running Seductress to see what would happen.

I thought that it would help me live up to my potential more as a partner, because the more I thought of him, the more I wanted to be the kind of woman that would light him up as he did for me when I was honestly in one of the worst places in my life.

It has been about 5 months. Since then I put everything on the line. I moved, I lost 30 lbs and been preparing to start an online business. I feel way better than I did before. New opportunities are around all the time since I am in the city now. A lot of my friendships have strengthened, and my thought patterns have changed drastically.

I see a way hotter person when I look in the mirror. I even had two men in the last couple months just say to me “excuse me but you are really beautiful.”

Now back to my guy… I worked up the courage to tell him how I felt, and I wasn’t wrong at all, he is in fact crazy about me so we are together now. Now we can finally say all the things we wished we could say to each other and that feels amazing. He even said I restored his outlook on life, and honestly I am so thankful for him as he’s done more than that for me. It’s crazy how personal beliefs can help change everything because for the most part all I did was act on things that were possible but I simply didn’t believe in myself, and now I am seeing what happens when I do.


This is a really nice success story and I want to congratulate you on it.
These are the stories that lift me up and remind me of what is possible.
I wish you both all the best on your journey together. :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you, I appreciate your comment. If I have more time I can maybe expand a bit more on the process. It’s funny because I am reading a book right now called Atomic Habits, and the author explains how to someone observing, it appears as if someone’s success happened overnight, but it’s actually an aggregate of small changes that are suddenly noticeable once one reaches that threshold. I like to think that the subs have helped me make a ton of small behavioral changes, combined with some shifts in my personal beliefs. It is interesting that he mentions that the process of habit forming is a subconscious process, and when our goals and our habits aren’t working together and we aren’t getting the results, it’s not a personal failure but a problem with the “system” and I also interpret that as a problem with the script. Because our brain takes shortcuts to reserve energy, we need to look at the systems we use, and I think that’s where those of us using subs have an extra edge in this process, in forming new beliefs that make the process of introducing new systems almost automatic. This way I feel that Subliminal Club is doing a good job with the scripts they write, because the focus is on becoming the thing you want to embody, instead of just “losing weight” because from that perspective I still would see myself as unattractive. Instead, I shift into “what would a strong, sexy woman do in these scenarios.” Of course she would tell her man how much she wanted him because she’s not afraid of him pulling away, because she knows if he does then he’s out of his mind to do so. Actually, mine did say to me that I am a catch, and I realize hearing that I’ve come such a long way that I feel that and believe it. Maybe for the first time ever. I think I have, in the past attracted a lot of men, but failed to keep their interest because they could see my horrible self-esteem.

It is so endearing to me to see just how happy he is right now, and so happy to know that it is who I am that can give him these smiles and butterflies.

I think running Ascension is what brought out my attractive qualities, but it was Seductress that lead me to be more bold and active in pursuing what I want, and willing to be brave enough to put it all on the line for love’s sake.


Cool to see you also read Atomic Habits. The author highlights the importance of small changes over time in achieving success, which is a valuable reminder that consistency and persistence are key.

The book discusses how our subconscious mind shapes our habits, and how the systems and beliefs we have in place can help or hinder our progress. Tools like subs can help change our beliefs and attitudes more than some may think. They crest new neural pathways that make it easier to adopt new behaviors.

By reflecting on the habits we want to develop and the systems we put in place to support them, we can create a life that is aligned with our values and goals.

Keep up the good work in making small, positive changes in your life. By focusing on consistent, incremental progress, you’re on the right track to achieving your goals and creating the life you desire

hmm, you’re making me wonder about adding Seeductress (again) to : HoT and Mogul so fun! I have been really enjoying the combo HoT, Mogul, True Sell and ascension chamber…I may change out True Sell for Seductress…I loved that when it was in my stack. Wish ya could just do 4 total! LOL

I’m thrilled for you!

I had a similar experience on Khan. I saw how many blatantly obvious opportunities I had talked myself out of over the years.

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