Seductress + Libertine

Has any of the ladies troed this combination out of interest?

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Uh not at the same time because of the ultima test, but you should see nigh instant results from libertine. That should only booster and support your goals for seductress.

As I use seductress more for overall aesthetic + persuasion and don’t care about the romantic/sexy bits I’m probably not a great example.

I do feel you have to vibe with what libertine is throwing at you to benefit.


Well i decided on sex mastery and Auras in the end. I felt it would go better with Seductress. I have also bought Spartan in the hope to kick start my exercising. Now i have the problem of playing them each individually on a loop at night (seductress then SM then Spartan and start all over again) or do i play one specific recording at night :thinking: my MP3 player doesnt allow for duplicate recordings on a playlist or use laptop? Confused about best way forward to get the best results

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You could change the name slightly and put another copy on. I do that sometimes. (but it does eat memory).

Experiment and let intuition be your guide.

Truth is, they’re probably going to work well no matter how or when or in what order you play them. As long as you do play them.

But you may find that certain configurations or timings feel right for you or feel comfortable. So that’s always a good way to go.

Don’t know if you’ve seen this before, but if you combine your subliminal listening with some other activity that is comfortable, stimulating, or happy for you (listening to music, watching your favorite show, or anything else that’s combinable) that’s one really good way to take it in.

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During the day i put the masked versions on while using my laptop or watching TV. I have created a disc of seductress masked version for the car as the disc only allows for 60 mins.

I did find that on 30 jul i didnt want to talk to anyone just didnt feel sociable at all. All of a sudden everyone is like you ok or you dont sound right whats wrong. So switched all phones off lol (im so naughty :joy::rofl:). I do help friends out a lot and just wanted me time.

I have being doing seductress for over a month now.

Have to say at night time when running ultrasonic i getting the feeling in my ears like ive been to a loud concert and my hearing is coming back to normal. I have checked the levels using the frequency thing. After about 10 mins the feeling goes away.

I am taking more pride in how i look. Using mascara and lip balm more. Also seem to have the urge to swear less when things go wrong - not that i did anyway. Just need to get exercising again. Oh well keeping a journal offline.

Thanks for your advice @Malkuth. @SaintSovereign and @Malkuth - maybe a version of Spartan (Spartaness? Lol) be good for us ladies - as not all of us want to be bodybuilders just toned and shapely- think Jessica Rabbit (i wish i was drawn that way :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:)

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Different Malkuth. My imprudent name choice when joining this forum dogs and haunts me.

@Malkuth LOL :joy: bet that leadsto interesting conversations

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Hmm I still swear just as much. :joy: glad you narrowed it down. +1 on renaming the file /duplicating though that takes up more space.

Be carful with the ultrasonic and make sure the dB works for you. People were saying 50-60 but I think 60 max from how my ears reacted.