Seductress and EOG

I am loving these. I’m feeling so confident and powerful and attractive. I’m moving forward, expanding my personal business and my love life. Im attracting clients and dates! This is super fun. I have been doing each for a month. :slight_smile: I’ll keep ya posted.

I am drawn to listening to these, and they feel so good while I’m listening. Honestly, I feel I can conquer the world.


This sounds like an awsome combo. Looking forward to your updates

How is everything going

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile. I love these subs and I just got heartsong and diamond as well. All ZP I just need to be sure I’m not doing too much all at once. I have built my own business this year, have dated some very fine people and am in the best shape of my life at 59. More to follow!


:muscle:t6: :muscle:t6: :muscle:t6:

Hi! It’s been awhile. I dont often make time to read up over here. I have a total of fourteen subs from you guys…including 4 in EOC and 4 in Alchemist. I love al of them. Here is what I do, which is crazy, but I enjoy pushing it. I’ve been blown wide open spiritually all my life. I developed a healing program with a friend we call Quantum Rewiring. So, using that on myself, I listen to all 14 in one day.
The first time I did it I was very emotional and weepy. I wrote everything down that was bothering me and I worked it out. The second day I felt 1/3 as mopey and weepy. I worked my system again. The third day, I felt great. So now I do all 14, or as many zero point as I can fit in day.
So emotionally and mentally I feel wonderful. Now what I’m noticing is that my material reality has been yanked around a bit…so I’m working that now. It’s ok,
yes, who need the yank in 3D reality, but I see the subs working. And I dont want to wait for a perfect transition to my new life. Bring it! Yow!
This is not a recommendation, just reporting in. I’ll let y’all now how I do with my 3D yanks, lol…I see the minor chaos as creating a new life and situations for me sooner.
Yeah, crazy!


And thank you for all you do. I love it. Love my new life. I’m an awesome badass.

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And to go real full retard, I just got Ascension for Women and Limitless Executive

Full list:
Love Bomb
Ascension for Women
Limitless Executive


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thank you for asking. I love my life!

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Please do not mix Subliminal Club products with other products.

Please limit yourself to 3 programs, one loop each, twice a week to be conservative.

14 programs in one day is risking overload.

@Fire @SaintSovereign

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14 in one day - :astonished:

Surely there is stonewalling happening…