Scripting in subs for sexual energy transmutation?


I was wondering if any of the subs have any scripting in them for sexual energy transmutation?


I think Libertine does this.


Libertine uses the sexual energy to become very sexual. Most people asking about sexual transmutation mean channeling the sexual energy away from the groin area and converting it into energy needed to grow stronger or do more.

There is a belief held by certain energetic practitioners that sexual energy is very powerful, so if you can use it in other parts of your life, it will accelerate those parts.

Personally, my sex drive always disappears when I’m on subs. As if my subconscious is automatically taking that energy and using it to help me grow. But on my current stack it’s still partly there, but I stopped feeling a need to spend the energy. In other words, I still love sex, I just don’t feel a need to climax. Boy, why is this always so awkward to discuss…


So Below will allow you to generate energy and transmute it to sexual energy.


What is so below


So Below is one of the Superchargers included in Alchemist Supreme.