''Scary story'' person reponds!


Hi community!

The person from the ‘’spooky’’ story here.
A lot of controversy has been going around since my story came out.
Allow me to update and clarify a few things.

So as most of you know my story came out.
This was a chat i had with a friend of mine.
He decided to share it with others and things got ‘’out of hand’’ .

I’ve had contact with the support and they’ve asked me to write this in public.
Which i’m happy to do.

Here is the original message that i send:

''Dear SaintSovereign/Fire/Community,

Hi, it’s me.
The person that shared his experience on the emperor.
Please allow me to clarify a few things if you don’t mind.

First of all, my sincere apologies for anything that came across as an attack/insult or whatsoever.
I never intended to attack or degrade the subs in any way, shape or form. (You can actually read that at the bottom of the initial post)
Nor am i a paid shill.
I’m a believer of these subs.

I also believe the original message got distorted so please allow me to explain/elaborate.
I’m not the one who reached out to you, Somebody else did with my story, so i don’t know what he said, i never read the message.

The initial post i made in it’s entirety: **I removed the link since people already know the story.**

I do not have any religous upbringing, i’m not mentally ill and i’m not out here to bash subclub.
I’m just a clueless kid that’s new to subs and made assumptions because things were unclear to me.

So let me start off how i got introduced to these subs.

I did some research about the subs and thought they looked very promising.
Read some reviews and decided to give the subs a shot.
During my research i also found a guy that started this whole ‘‘occult’’ claim.
He said he had an entity attack listening to primal.
I didn’t think much of it at the time.
But appearantly my subconcious thought different.
As you can tell from the story…

The experiences i had were a personal log that i made.
I shared it with a friend.
He shared it with some other guys: who initally reached out to you i suppose.
I also think your explanation is spot on.
I have a deep rooted fear towards occultism/spirtuallity.
During my upbringing i had all these people throw scary stories at me.
That’s why i want to stay away as far as possible from it.

I hope you understand where i come/came from and how i drew these conclusions.
A lot of things were unclear for me, hence i made these assumptions.
I never ever claimed to have had a ‘‘entity’’ attack.
That was another guy, (the one that probally triggered my subconcious and deep rooted fear)

PS i heard that he was mentally ill, so people switched me up with him.

As crazy as it sounds, i was afraid of even reaching out to you…
But i feel like i have to, to clarify things.
Once again my apologies for any miscommunication.

I don’t degrade or bash your work.
I actually think it’s very impressive and wish subclub all the success it deserves.

TLDR: Miscommunication, from both sides i suppose.

Also i’m glad that this is out of the way.
I’ve had more people tell me that they had some ‘’‘scary’’ experiences.
So it’s finally clear to us.

*PS i’m taking your advice, by doing a few steps back.
Leaving emperor as it is and switching over to acenscion v2.
What would you recommend me to overcome these inner obstacles?
Do you recommend primal as well? or is that one also a step to far for me?
And what stack could you recommend me when it comes to these internal blocks.
What about rebirth? is it too much or should i deffo include it together with limit destroyer?
If so, how many times?

Currently thinking about this stack:
Limit Destroyer
Limit Destroyer
Ascension v2
Ascension v2.
Ascension v2.
Ascension v2.

All the best!

Respone from Subclub:

Saint Sovereign here:

I appreciate you sending this e-mail and I’m willing to let things be. Miscommunications happen, and all is forgiven. Unfortunately, the story did get a bit out of control, and we’re still dealing with the aftermath of it being shared.

If you could register an account on our forum @ www.subliminalresults.com and post something similar to what you sent me, it would help us greatly. Emperor is an incredibly powerful subliminal.

Any time you experience an “entity attack” of the sort in your dreams, it’s usually subconscious fears being processed and removed. It’s given you a sign toward what needs to be fixed. Now, you have to take conscious action to get over this.

That being said, I’d stick with a simple stack:

Ascension x 2

Rebirth x 1

Ascension x 2

Rebirth x 1

Ascension x 2

Rebirth x 1

Do this until you stop having nightmares – that means enough fears have been cleared / removed in order for you to proceed to a more advanced subliminal. Thanks, Saint Sovereign


I’ve seen the ‘’entity attack’’ guy post his aftermath.

I quote:

‘’ It is confirmed that the creators are msotly magicians but doesn’t mean they’re malicious necessarily. I did experience entity attack at the time, but that doesn’t mean it came from the sub itself. I’ve been running multiple subclub subs for a good month or so, I don’t feel any sort of maliciousness from the subs. I believe I updated my response at a later point, but in a different message’’

Another thing.
I’m a believer of these subs.
I’m gonna keep a log for the whole world to see.

If there’s something ‘’f’d up’’ in it, you’ll guys be the first one to know. :blush:

All the best!


So what forum was the story originally posted on?


I don’t think that’s important as of right now.
I shared the story with my friend through text.