Samoman's journey


Hi everyone, yesterday I bought The Emperor and I decided it would be a good idea to keep track of what happens, while I’m on it.

This is where I am in areas of life The Emperor is supposed to work, right now.

  • I’m 25. I’m a software engineer. I earn less than average, for sw engineers, but in return, my job is amazingly relaxed. So I’m staying there. My dream in this area of my life is to be an entrepreneur, to work for myself and of course to be wealthy. My biggest obstacles here are fear, laziness and low self esteem.

  • In the self confidence area, it’s bad. I’m the quiet type, not really initiating contact with others. I don’t go out much, or have that many fiends.

  • When it comes to women, I haven’t had a girlfriend for some time, and because of reasons above, I don’t approach girls.

Funny thing is, a couple of years ago, I was a really outgoing, friendly, ladies man. Now, even though it hurts a bit to admit it, if you imagine a stereotypical nerd, that’s who I am. And that’s exactly the reason I bought The Emperor. I will document all changes here, and hopefully, if it delivers on its promises, I’ll be the guy I want to be.


I felt more confident throughout the day. Also, I kept wanting to go and do something productive. My laziness won yesterday’s fight, we’ll see how it goes. I also remembered my dreams for the first time in a long time.


Time to become a millionaire playboy again. :smile:


Day 2
I felt really confident during the day. Like I could take on the world. And win. I really enjoyed that. I also found myself bored with video games. Why would I want to do something like that, if I can do something productive? But this is where I stopped. I got scared whenever I was thinking of doing something productive and in the end I didn’t do anything. Not a big deal, hopefully, with time, I’ll resolve it. Other than that, it being Sunday, I mostly just stayed at home relaxing.

Fire, I cannot figure out how to quote your post, so I’ll just say, HELL YEAH!


Yeah, EMPEROR has some crazy confidence and inner power scripting in it.

Exactly. :sunglasses:

Gotta conquer the world.

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I was lagging a day behind in my journal, thinking it would be better to write about yesterday, rather than today, but it’s not good, it’s harder to recall, to I’m giving you 2 days worth today.

Day 3
That feeling of confidence continued on. I was at work and it had made me slightly more outgoing. It wasn’t much, but this is the beginning, and I’ve never been really social at work. Other than the feeling of confidence nothing much happened.

Day 4
Today the confidence building continued. I’ve started to feel like I am internalizing it, rather than sort of forcing myself to be confident, which is what it felt like until now. Continuing from yesterday, I’ve become slightly more social. I’ve also started to voice my opinions more. I’ve also though about going out and doing something, for example taking up a sport, to have fun and to meet new people. I’m still scared of taking that step though. I’ve also noticed women were looking at me throughout the day. It could be just my imagination, and I have no idea if they were checking me out, but it felt good.

I’m also a bit depressed and I have to admin a bit jealous. I’ve been reading other journals, and I’ve seen some people are a lot further along than me. And I’m happy for them, but Jesus I want to be there too.

That’s it for today. Let’s be the best we can be, and then some.


You’re starting to make some good progress there. Keep grinding, you’ll see your confidence getting better and better, and soon you’ll be a total badass.

Especially when everything else from EMPEROR starts kicking in, such as this (which is just a small portion of it :smiling_imp:):


Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping for. Thanks for the encouragement.

Day 5
Today wasn’t a good day. I kind of get now, how the subliminal is like going to a gym for the subconscious. It was like a bad gym day, where you lift less for some reason, than you could lift comfortably before. I was sort of confident, but then I got blocked by fear, when I tried to talk to some people for example. Other than that, the subliminal seems to be working in all areas it promised, but so far in sort of a “mental” stage. For example, I saw a cute girl and said to myself, you could approach her and ask her out, it might work out and if not, no big deal. But I wouldn’t. Or I’d get a small business idea, I’d consider it briefly and then forget about it. This is a progress from baseline. And it seems like I am on the right track, so we’ll see where it goes. Also I definitely noticed some women staring at me, so I am looking forward to this:


Day 6
The women watching me definitely isn’t just my imagination. It’s just watching for now, I hope it wil lead to something more.

In the confidence department things are looking good so far. At first the confidence seemed to be at a surface level, where I would tell myself “Yeah! I’m confident! What does a confident person act like? I’ll act like that!”. It was sort of like forcing myself to be confident. Now it seems to have gone one level deeper. I don’t need to think about acting confident, I just do. I feel like there are still a couple of “levels” to go though.

I found myself rejecting people’s advice and suggestions where I would take them blindly before and think for myself. That is great, but sometimes it spills out into a sort of compensatory actions, where I’d reject advice and defend my position, even when it’s unwarranted, like a senior at work suggesting how I should solve problems in the most effective way. I realize I’m probably compensating for my ow self esteem behavior and I hope I’ll balance this in time.

A good news is I finally took some action to improve myself. I browsed around some courses on variety of different topics, from making music to programming, thinking whether this would interest me and whether I can make money with it. I did this instead of playing video games, which was my favorite past-time, because they simply bore me now.


Day 7
So, it’s been a week and so far, I am satisfied. I felt confident today, which I fell like it’s becoming the norm for me.Apart from that I noticed people treat me differently. There was colleague, that came up to me and talked my ear off for 1,5 hours. I’m not even exaggerating. By the end of that I was very restless and he mirrored my body language through all of that, which was very funny. In other news I am beginning to take more action. I have decided what am I going to do in terms of earning money. I won’t tell you what it is, because I subscribe to the philosophy, that goals should be shared only when they are accomplished (or abandoned). And I began to take steps towards it. Small for now, laziness is still strong within me, but I hope the Emperor will help me overcome that. After all what sort of emperor doesn’t have will of iron? :grinning:


Day 8
Saturday.Which means relaxing for me. The whole day was basically just me kicking back. Although I did some research as well. I’m also beginning to feel more effects from the Emperor. Like more happiness, more energy, more motivation. And at this point, business ideas just keep appearing, and I believe that most of them would be profitable and that I would be able to pull them off. I’ve set them aside for now though, I want to focus on one thing at a time. Right now, I just wish that the procrastination destruction was kicking in a bit more. Overall I feel like I am slowly making progress in all areas in which the Emperor is supposed to work, some are more visible than others. I also feel like the progress is slower, because Emperor is such a broad product, ad if I had taken just the money subliminal for example I would see results more quickly. That’s just my speculation however, I haven’t used other subliminal from here. And even if that is so, I figured it would take longer before i bought it, it seemed like common sense, so I accept that.


Day 8
Nothing much to report. Confidence levels stayed the same. So did the motivational levels, so I’ve done a little work today. Other than that, today was much like yesterday. So until tomorrow, peace out!


Day 9
It seems like the motivation and kicking procrastination modules are kicking in more and more. Not only did I do my job well and efficiently, I was also motivated to, and did some work on my own goals. People seem to treat me with respect a whole lot more than I am used to. Random strangers holding the door for me, helping me out in small ways during the day and so on. I am also less tolerant (or rather not tolerant at all) of other people’s bullshit. No development so far with the ladies, apart from what I posed earlier, but I’m hoping that will kick in too soon. I’ve also noticed, that I stopped remembering my dreams. When I started I could remember them well, now for the last couple of days I didn’t. No big deal, just something I’ve noticed.


Day 10
Today things continued along the same lines as before. Meaning slightly more confidence, slightly better social relationships etc. With one exception, motivation. That has again fallen a bit. To quantify, on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the baseline (Day 1) and 10 is yesterday (Day I felt the most motivated on the Emperor so far), I’m at 6. It’s fine, you take steps forwards and back in any skill you’re learning and if the general trend is towards improvement, all’s good. And with the promised results being supposed to arrive at 3-6 months of usage, I’d say I’m on track.

To put in in concrete terms, 3m =~ 91 d and 6m =~ 183 d. I’m on day 10, which is ~11% of the way for 3m and ~5% for 6m. For results 0% is the baseline and 100% is the Emperor sales page. I break down the results in categories as I did the baseline:

  1. I’m still struggling with laziness/procrastination. I don’t do nearly as much as I could. But the fact is I take more action than before. I’d say I’m about 5% better off than before using the Emperor.

  2. Self confidence has been going great. I made massive strides in how I see myself, how I interact with people and also in how people treat me. I am also more confident in my finances and most other areas of my life. However I still don’t see myself nowhere near as an “Emperor” described on the sales page. I’d say I’m 20% there.

  3. I feel a lot more sexual energy and women looking at me. However I still haven’t had sex since starting the Emperor. I did’t even approach a girl, because of my fear. I’m not even close to the multiple sex/romantic partners mention on the sales page. I’d say 7%.

On average I’m there 10.6% of the way. I’m using the non experimental mp3 running in the background at work and at home, except when I sleep. I’m really looking forward to the enhancements that are coming. I hope they will accelerate the whole process.

I don’t know how am I doing compared to the others. I try to stay away from other Emperor journals so I can be really objective and also so I don’t get jealous. I’m not proud of that quality, but yeah, Emperors aren’t petty, right? :wink:


Last 2 days were essentially the same al all the others, except a little more. A little more confidence, a little more motivation… It’s boring to read and write the same thing every day, so I’ll make updates only when something significant happens, or when I’m evaluating my progress, like last post. Wish me luck.


So an update after a little more than a week. The confidence was slowly rising throughout the whole time. So was respect of others and interest from women. No major jumps, just a slow rise, like a tide. I’ve also experienced the manifesting part of the subliminal.

I hit 2 major roadblocks. Low energy levels/lethargy in general and a trauma from my past. First, though some really wierd and obscure ways I got two books, which detail a practice, that solves my low energy problem. It’s a process and I’m seeing the results steadily, but the way that I got it had such low odds, that I have to chalk it up to this. The trauma as well. I found a coach, who walked me through a process, that helps me deal with it.

Other than that, my motivation leves are somewhat inconsistent. For example, I am really motivated to keep my room clean, which is great, but I still procrastinate on my goals.

We’ll see how this all goes. I’m escpecially excited for the optimizations, that I hope will get me the results faster/ in more obvious ways. I’m also eyeing Primal. I haven’t had any luck with ladies so far, which again is due to my fears of approahing them and talking to them. I have no problem talking to women normally, but with the intent to have sex with them, I freeze up. That is also why I was a sucker for products that would attract women to me and make them seduce me. I’ll stick with just the Emperor for now, and see how I am in a month or two, before buying anything new.

So in summary, confidence - good, manifestation - kicked in, looking awesome, money - blocked by fear and procrastination, women - nothing so far.


It’s time for another update. This past couple of days I have progressed a lot internally. In the last update I mentioned 2 roadblocks. I’m pleased to report, that I’m working through them, Not just bypassing them, but resolving them completely, making me into a different person. Especially that trauma was something that negatively affected me very much. And confronting it and healing it is a continuous process, that takes a lot of energy out of me every day. But I can already see the changes. And the changes are deep, at my core identity level. That manifests itself in me being a lot more relaxed, open to people, accepting of things I cannot change etc. So so far this looks great.

I really thought you were exaggerating for marketing purposes. Now I see you were telling the truth all along :grinning:. But to be fair, Emperor is merciless, but it provides ways of handling the situations as well.

In other news, at the begining of my journal you will find me going on and on about motivation. Now I find myself just doing what I want/need to, more and more, unconciously. I thought I’d get a massive drive to push through my unconcious obstacles. Instead I find myself doing what I need to automatically, like I used to come back from work and start a video game. This is something that just began to happen sometimes, but I’m really excited.


A small update on the ways Emperor pushed me. It’s nearly 2AM, I’m really tired, but I’m just amazed. Yesterday (2 days ago) I told myself, I would resolve a particular emotional problem I had. I didn’t feel it was holding me back in any major way, but it kept rising up in the past days, So I told myself to would deal with it. But during the day I procrastinated on it and then at night I was tired, so I told myself I would do it tomorrow (today). But my unconscious mind pulled the brakes on me hard. I could literally hear the voice in my head saying “You’re not sleeping until you resolve this!”. So I did. It was a surprisingly deep one, but I managed to do it. Now I feel good, but even more tired. It’s good that I have one less issue, but I wonder why this one in particular. I guess I will have to observe myself in the next couple of days. And now I’m going to sleep. Good night all.


A thing I’ve noticed in most other journals is, that the people are reading books about masculine ideas, and biographies and such. I have had a different experience. I have attracted books, that are brutally practical, with little to no theory. For example to book about increasing energy I mentioned a couple of posts back is nothing but practices and examples of people doing it. The author even states, there’s no need to know why or how it works, if it works. And I absolutely agree. I guess the Emperor is working in different ways for each and every one of us. :grinning:


Struggle is the word, I would summarize, my experience with the Emperor so far. I realised, that my posts, were focusing exclusively on the positive, while not mentioning the struggles and obstacles, because who wants to hear about those right? Well, this post, I will share something about that.

The Emperor semes to be changing me from my very core and identity, out. This doesn’t sit well, with the programming, that was in place for most of my life. And of course, the result is a lot of anger and resistance. Behind every success, that I shared here is a similar story, of me going about my life, and the being rudely interrupted and challenged by the Emperor. At times I wanted to switch subliminals, wondering if Ascended Mogul would be better for me, or just on the opposite side, wondering whether the subliminal si doing anything at all. The challenges as I said, shake my beliefs to the core of my being. So far, I have stayed true to the Emperor and I have resolved everything, that my unconscious has thrown at me. And also, I have yet to see all the effects from the Emperor.

So in conclusion, I’m changing. It’s painful most of the time. Give me more, where are the optimizations? :grinning:


Hmm, not gonna give estimates. What I will say though is what we got on our plate - releasing SS soon (very soon :wink:), then finishing the optimizations and everything else we might need for PRIMAL.

Optimizations are about… 40-50% done.