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So, I believe every product creator should use their own creations and walk that journey with their customers. I’ve been running a modified version of Ascended Mogul that’s name embedded and goal tailored toward SubClub’s success (along with some other personal goals), but as someone that’s seen Emperor’s script – this thing is FAR too juicy NOT to run. One day, I’ll modify the Emperor script so that it’s customized like the Ascended Mogul one.

Anyway – Emperor has been an interesting ride for me thus far. It’s an incredibly powerful, hard-hitting program. I THOUGHT it’d be a seamless ride for me, given the fact that I’ve been running subliminals for years now. But noooo, the past few days have been marked with lots of unfocused, diffused anger and agitation, and moments where I just wanted to break down and cry.

This is the reconciliation process.

On the flipside… I’ve never felt more raw power running through my veins. Emperor is causing a feeling that I don’t know how to describe. It’s like a buzzing originating from my soul, and radiating through every part of my reality. Honestly, I think the ‘negative’ side effects are coming from the fact that I’ve never felt this AMAZING before, and my subconscious doesn’t know how to deal with it. After years of dealing with a bunch of pure BS, it’s crazy to have such positive, creative, powerful energy flowing through me.

The effect keeps snowballing. I’ve done more work on the business in the past few days than I have all month. Just tons of new ideas, marketing strategies and how to implement them. Those of you that are new to Subliminal Club, you can thank Emperor for the Free Ascension Lite. :wink:

Other notables:

  • An incredible urge to listen to the subliminal. It’s like my brain can’t get enough of this programming.
  • Mild headaches. Nothing an ibuprofen can’t handle, but I’m sure it’s related to reconciliation.
  • CRAZY CRAZY gym performance. For those who don’t know, I train in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu. Last night at the thai gym, I had the BEST workout ever. Never hit pads like that before.

Will add later. Thoughts and discussion welcome.

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I’ve been listening to Emperor the last few days & I thought Ascension was scary powerful? That reconciliation process honestly feels like therapy on steroids multiplied .


Day 5:

Emperor continues to drive CRAZY innovation and motivation in regards to both SubClub and my “day job.” Just got a ton of new ideas in regards to building new subliminals. Just finished creating an experimental version of Emperor that I’ve released to the training group. Also running it myself for testing. If all goes well, our subliminals will be stronger and will work quicker.

Also working on a new website / blog focused on the three pillars of modern society, and the things that matter to most people: Sex, Money and Power. This website will focus on developing personal power and wealth. I’m tapping into my wide network of millionaire entrepreneurs to help create content. The goal is to aggressively expand the Subliminal Club family of websites / companies by the end of next year.

I’m noticing that almost all social anxiety is fading away. That I can go anywhere and look anyone in the eye and feel perfectly confident in myself. Also noticing that my desire for social attachments are fading. For the past few weeks, I’ve had a “friend” that started distancing himself from me. At first, I was going to sit down and have a chat with him, see what the problem is. Now… I can’t be bothered. In actuality, he really wasn’t that great of a friend anyway, it’s just that we train together and I didn’t want any drama or awkwardness.

This is a process that began in the past year of running my modified version of Ascended Mogul. I began to slowly distance myself from those who knew me before I started running subliminals way back when, as I realized that I can never evolve into who I want to be as long as they’re around. I kept running into issues where I wanted to grow and expand, only for those associates to try and box into who I was before – and I didn’t like who I was before.

To hell with all that. I’m an Emperor. Situations like these are situations where I can dominate and ultimately grow. Embrace the pain. Embrace the suck. Become an Emperor.


Could you also find a way to reduce listening time. Like for example listen to a sub for 20mins to an hour a day.


This most likely won’t be a focus for awhile. We’re currently researching expanding the capabilities of the subconscious mind. Ease of use is secondary right now, because they’re already easy to use if you just utilize “set and forget.”

As I’ve stated multiple times (and mentioned in the instruction manual), the best way to listen to subliminals is “set and forget.” Just turn it on your computer and simply let it play. It’s really not that hard. My playlist plays 24/7 in iTunes. I listen to music in Spotify or VLC.

You can listen to one loop a day and get results. They just won’t be very deep, or profound IN THE LEAST.


Can we play multiple subs? E.g. both ascended mogul and emperor and other subs all at the same time


At the same time, no. However, you can create a playlist and let them run back to back. That’s what I do. I’m currently listening to Emperor EX (the new experimental that I’m debating releasing), Muay Thai Mastery X and Sex Mastery X. Remember, though – exposure is everything. If you have the means to do so, use the set and forget method. Just add the subs to iTunes or whatever media player you use and simply just let them run, non-stop.


I do the same thing with another Subliminal I’m running. Make a playlist that runs on repeat. Set it and forget it.


Day 6:

Last night, I exposed both myself and my girlfriend to Emperor EX, an experimental version of Emperor that pushes the script and build method to an extreme – meaning, it’s either going to work beautifully, or not work at all.

I remember having weird, avant-garde dreams that I can’t recall – I just remember having very STRONG emotions in the dream. I know this will sound a bit hypocritical, because I admonish others for saying the same thing, but logically, I can’t include dreams as a sign that experimental is working. That’s because I’m currently on testosterone replacement therapy and part of that regimen is HGH / growth hormone (PM me if you want more details, this is something every man should look at and will be detailed on the new Sex, Money, Power sister site). A noted side effect of HGH supplementation is vivid dreaming.

HOWEVER, there are two very remarkable things that happened this morning that gives me hope about the experimental. One – I woke up EXTREMELY focused at around 7:30a. I hopped right out of bed, cooked some breakfast and immediately started working on the new sister site, and the masked experimental version of Emperor (people are starting to request versions with masking tracks, so I’m researching building them). I’ve been hammering away at it for hours now, when I decided to take a break and post.

SECOND: My girlfriend had an INSANELY CINEMATIC dream where she was attempting to prevent a terrorist bombing at a school, which she later discovered (in the dream) that her friend was the perpetrator. She detailed entire action sequences to me, conversations and more. I asked her if she normally has dreams like this, and she said no – only when I’m running subliminals, and never one like this.

We know that dreams are the result of the subconscious processing information. They’re to be expected with subliminal use by now. What shocks me is the logical structure and narrative flow of her dream. @Fire will be particularly interested in this development, as there are many parts of the script that could explain this… either way, the implications are VAST.

For the next few days, I’ve removed Muay Thai Mastery X from my regular playlist. I want to see what Emperor EX can do. If results remain the same, I’m going to release EX to those who have purchased Emperor.


Day 7:

I’ve never felt so amazing before. I just feel so on point, bold and masculine that I’m going to release the Emperor EXTREME Experimental and the Emperor Masked Experimental (the masked version is Emperor standard, NOT EX) to those who buy Emperor.

ANNND, this is happening later today. Like, in a few hours. :wink:

SubliminalClub delivers.


Emperor EXTREME Experimental and Emperor Masked Experimental are now available under your downloads section under “My Account.” If it isn’t, send me a support PM ASAP.

The experimentals are NOT covered under the 30 day warranty, as they are experimentals.


Day 10:

Warning: Post may be disjointed and sound weird. I’m lit off some mixed drinks right now, celebrating an amazing day.

It’s crazy how Emperor’s results are manifesting in my life, and how I wish everyone could experience this – if they’d just stop being so close minded. I’m getting a lot of people saying they aren’t “feeling anything,” but subliminals aren’t a drug. You’re not going to suddenly get a “high.” That’s cheap thrills. With Emperor, your life is simply going to change for the better. It takes time. It takes a little effort, but you WILL get there.

Today was one of SubliminalClub’s best performing day yet, as I FINALLY “cracked the code” to creating high performing Facebook Ads. I’ve been struggling with paid ads for about a year now, getting mixed success here and there. I had pretty much given up and decided to hire a consultant to do this for me. Emperor pushed me to keep going and the rest will be history. Long story short, I only spent $9 in ads and sold a ridiculous amount of paid subs AND copies of Ascension Lite.

Tomorrow, I have a meeting with a potential investor in both SubliminalClub and some other future eCommerce / new media endeavors.



Been awhile since I posted… I’ve lost track of what day it is. Needless to say, life is going great, just hectic. I’ve surprised and impressed myself with just how well Emperor is performing for myself and others.

Last week, I was at an all expenses paid trip to TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. It’s one (if not THE) largest tech conference in the country. I was there for my “day job,” so I had to spend the majority of my networking and research efforts for that, but I did get a few opportunities after hours to talk to some Silicon Valley investors about subliminals.

They were remarkably more receptive than I anticipated, and I’m pretty sure Emperor manifested those particular investors, as the conversations seemingly came out of nowhere. One of the investors gave me a complete blueprint as to how I can take subliminal technology to a mass market and get millions in venture capital.

Here’s the thing:

Pre-Emperor, I would’ve never even entertained the idea that I could actually pull this off. Post-Emperor, and I’m estimating just 30 or so days on it, I actually believe there’s a chance @Fire and myself can turn this into a multi-million dollar empire. That’s the kind of thought that I’ve been missing my entire life. THAT’S what’s been holding me back.

On another note, SubClub business has picked up significantly, thanks to you all. As of right now, the company is 100% solvent, meaning we’re generating enough income to pay all our liabilities AND reinvest in new technology.

I’m also situated in the new Subliminal Club headquarters and investing in some new technology for both subliminal building and the website itself.

And… I sat down and read through @Fire’s excellent Sex & Seduction script for the first time. You guys are in for an ABSOLUTE TREAT.


Saint, did your Money, Power, Sex sister site ever manifest?


Not yet, but an incarnation is coming. I’ve quietly been working on another e-commerce brand and I’ve been documenting the steps it took to build. Once I get it to $100/day consistently, I’m going to release all the details.

Right now, I’m in the product sourcing phase. I have a niche, and I’m testing suppliers. I thought I had one, but the quality of their product is terrible, so I’m testing another.


@SaintSovereign shouldn’t your Journal name change to Khan? I am curious to know your progress with it.


Why not create a brand which is about teaching people how to start and grow their own e-commerce businesses? I think that will be very successful, and very relevant to the existing customers of SubClub.


Well, this is actually an old journal, lol. I have two here and someone responded to the old one. I actually haven’t started running Khan yet — I’m doing a subliminal washout first, meaning I’m not running anything for about a week.

Yes, that’s the plan. But, as I’m sure you’ve seen, there’s a lot of salty haters out there trying to paint me as a liar about my background and skills. That’s why I’m documenting everything and creating a solid blueprint that anyone can follow and get the same results.

The new product actually came yesterday. It’s better quality, but still has some flaws. I actually gave it to my girlfriend to use for awhile, see how it works in a live setting.


Let the salty haters hate, Saint. You’re doing some remarkable things. Btw, how often do you do a “wash-out?”