S&S: Fast and Smooth


So, a bit of a background… Over a week ago some of us got two test versions of Sex and Seduction or S&S from @SaintSovereign to test for volume. I listened to both and left the second one (the one with lower volume) running for a bit - must have been two loops or maybe a little less.

This is what I had to say to him after that (verbatim):

this shit is good… I was checking the volume difference between #1 and #2 and left #2 running for a bit

I think I must have barely finished one or two loops… went out to get groceries and realised I was looking at women differently; I had looks returned from a couple of women and something was happening in my head around ‘deservedness’ (I was thinking about corporate merchandise at work and how I already had one which I misplaced, so they won’t give it again to me etc… on my way to grocery shopping a thought suddenly entered my mind… “that misplaced merchandise thing was a while ago and I am within my rights to ask for another one”)

Now @Alexander was running this too and his feedback was around rebirth module, which he referred to as “reframing of his worldview in relation to goals of the program”. His thread is at: http://www.subliminalresults.com/t/alexander-sex-seduction/241

In light of that, I would say what I called deservedness was something similar to what @Alexander described. I noticed a similar reframing and shift in my thinking/mindset.

Fast forward about a week and @SaintSovereign wanted to check how Sex and Seduction (aka S&S) was going. I told him I wasn’t running it.

Now a day or two after that I had an online date in the evening and I was just at home in the afternoon. I decided to run S&S before I went out for the date. I must have listened to 3 loops or so before I went out on the date.

Met the girl, 3 hours of walking/chatting/eating and it was time to say goodbye. It was my first date in last couple of months and taking it easy I just wanted to give her a good night kiss on the cheek when I realised that she appeared to be willing for more. We both turned our face and bang! the game was on.

We spent a few minutes just kissing and neither of us was having enough of the other person. At this point I decided to walk to a slightly darker area of the street for some privacy :slight_smile: and continued. I just kept escalating and my hands were all over her and hers were all over me.

After some time I turned her around and started kissing her from behind and at some point started fingering her. She was getting extremely excited, but at some point I felt like we were being watched. I turned around, couldn’t see anything. At this point I wanted to continue where I left off, but she wasn’t willing anymore. I probably shouldn’t have taken that short break.

I asked her if she would want to come to my place. She said no. But to my surprise she asked me if I’d like to go to her place. Of course, I said yes.

By the way, as soon as we started walking out of there I had a better view of a security personnel at about 30m. Phew! I think my hunch was correct, and we could have been in trouble had we continued. S&S for the win!

Went to her place - she checked to make sure her flatmates were out. She mentioned they could return anytime. We continued where we left off in the street and and brought her to orgasm. I wanted to go to the bedroom, but she said she couldn’t (I have no idea why and I didn’t insist). I continued to finger her again and wanted to remove her clothes completely, but she said her flatmates could come home anytime. But soon most of her clothes were either lifted or slid down. We started working on each other again and she got so horny that she badly wanted my d__k.

I’ll spare you the gory details, but long story short: we must have been there for about an hour or so before she wanted me to leave because she was too scared her flatmates will come home soon. She came twice and seemed ready for me but I didn’t have a condom and she refused the condom talk by saying something along the lines of she’s not that kind of girl. So no sex in the traditional sense of the word.

I got home and the first thing I did was to read the product page for S&S. As I was reading the description, I was mentally checking some of the items one by one - at least the ones I could observe. Whatever the hell is in there… it definitely works and works fast.

Well! First date, not much talk/chat on the app, 3 hours and this result. Jaw dropped and thoroughly impressed; and that too with like 5 loops or so in total. Impressive!


Which track of S&S are you using the most, masked, ultrasonic, or the Unleashed version?


@DssMaster I used the standard ultrasonic version of S&S.


I am currently using Tinder and Bumble Bee not having much success with the dating apps unfortunately.


I’ve abandoned the dating apps as I generally do not find the type of women I want on them. In general, too basic and too needy.

I prefer to find women in the places where I am pursuing my passions and interests. It is in those places where I will find the compatible women and I will get a sense of who they really are far more quickly by interacting with them in the analog world.


I obviously prefer meeting women as you mentioned in activities and passions I enjoy. But I’m having great success on dating apps in the time being.

It doesn’t get much easier than bumble. If you match and they have to contact you. You know they find you attractive/interesting. Just show up and be normal and cool. Done.

Oh and I hope everyone is seriously screening the profiles and not doing like a couple of buddies of mine and just swipe right through everyone as fast as possible lol.


An update!

The next day I contacted the lady again and asked if she’d like to meet. She was happy to. As soon as we fixed the time, I started playing S&S. I was able to listen to about a loop and a half of S&S before I had a shower and left home.

Met her… a little bit of walk and went to have lunch. During lunch she asked me questions to make things easy for me :slight_smile: For example, “did you like coming to my place last night?”, “where is your place?” etc. I was quick to jump on the opportunity and asked her if she’d like to come to my place. She said yes, and within two hours of meeting her the second time she was at my place.

I’ll spare you the gory details again, but she stayed for two hours and I had condoms at home. You do the math :slight_smile: I had an amazing time and she voluntarily mentioned the things and positions she enjoyed the most.

I have to say, as far as my sub usage goes, S&S has been the fastest working sub for me. Less than 7 loops over 8 or 9 days and these results. Wow! Simply wow! SubClub appears to have cracked the code.

Thank you @SaintSovereign and @Fire for the opportunity to run this sub.

P.S.: The sub is really smooth and fast working, so I changed the title to ‘Fast and Smooth’. Although, I have to say I was thinking of something else when I called it ‘Smooth and Wet’ in the first place :wink:


PSA: Better order bulk rubbers on Amazon :slight_smile:


Ha ha… I was thinking more along the lines of ‘carry a condom on the first date’.

But then I’ve had mixed reactions with that. Some women freak out and go, “So you only wanted one thing from the beginning?” or “Can’t believe this is what you’ve been thinking of all the time” etc. Oh well!


Interesting, I used to worry about that response but have never once gotten it. In fact, in my experience, when it gets passionate the girl usually asks if I have them and is relieved when I do. (I get slightly concerned if she’s willing to go all the way without and I have to say let me grab one lol). I’ve also been told disappointed stories straight from female friends saying they went on a date, it went amazing but then the f**ker didn’t have protection haha. Obviously I don’t mention anything about them until it is at that moment to use it or if she obviously wants sex and asks.

But I’d imagine a simple “hey, sex sometimes happens and I prefer to practice safely shrug” would suffice if you did get any of those responses.