Running two custom subs at once


I’m strongly leaning towards 2 custom subs tailored to work together. I’d love to start developing these subs or pivot to a new iteration for 1 sub only, if that’s not advisable.

Looking to get clarity on a few questions. I’m really looking for any definite information from the creators (Fire/SaintSovereign) but if anyone know’s something, everyone’s input, senses, and opinions are more than welcome.

Does anyone know if

  1. two custom subs at 15-20 modules each with minimal cross over be used at the same time if I start with one and then add the other gradually?

  2. What is the risk of running more than 3 cores per sub? if its heavy reconciliation I’m fine with that, if it’s potentially no results or negation I won’t take that risk on a custom.


1 - Yes, the custom subs are powerful, but are still subject to the same rules as the major subliminals. You can stack 2-3 before running into “no results” territory.

2 - You run the potential of the subliminal being too diffused to get quick results. The more focused the title, the quicker (and more profound) the results.


Thank you for the info, this definitely will help in my construction


It’ll be very similar to 2 minimal crossover major retail titles… like Emperor + Primal Seduction.

EQ contains cores of Emperor, Ascension, Mogul, Quantum Limitless (lite), Sex Mastery, plus several modules.
PSQ contains cores of Primal Seduction, Sex & Seduction, Primal, Limitless, Sex Mastery, Emperor (lite), Spartan (lite), plus several modules.

Users have stacked them with both working just fine. :sunglasses: :+1:t2:


Thanks Simon,
That makes total sense.
I’m not clear if the Q Store cores of Emperor-contain those modules within them. Like does EmperorQ Core also have ascension, mogul, sex mastery etc or some lite version of them. I can’t imagine an Emperor without those additional elements.


To a degree it does, in so much as that they are there to support Emperor.

I can imagine if you add several cores that all support one another or (as Simon indicates) are part of one another, you may be able to add more without any confusion/diffusion. May. Uncharted territory.


Thank you
Getting answers or further clarification to my odd custom sub queries is quite exhilarating. Love the support here.
I was thinking
Emperor Fitness Stage 4-Spartan
they support each other
Khan Stage 1 and Primal Seduction-elements that support each other
and primal seduction and spartan seem to support each other