Running sub at night vs day



Has anybody experimented running the sub at night vs day? At which time is the brain more susceptible to subliminals?

It would also be interesting if there is a difference between masked vs ultrasonic and day vs night.


There are strong indications that the lower brainwave patterns often experienced during deep meditation or sleep will allow for better absorption. Add to that the fact that while you’re at work/school and just going through your daily routine, you are recruiting your subconscious and distracting it, keeping it from giving full attention to the subliminals much like constant snacking keeps your digestion from doing its job properly. So my best guess is that running subs while you sleep will be the most effective.

As for masked vs ultras, we simply don’t know enough. The only reason people know ultras work is because they have been proven to work and our auditory organs have been shown to have to ability to perceive them even if we don’t hear it. In theory, if your hearing is sufficiently damaged it is likely ultras may no longer work. In practice, people respond differently to each. Some people get better results using ultras, others using masked. There doesn’t seem to be a golden rule here.


It’s a question I’ve asked myself a lot of times. For a long time I’ve only listend to the masked subliminal during the day. And now I’m listening to ultasonic at day and night. I can’t really compare it though because during the period I only listend to mask during the day my exposure was only 3 hours or so. While right now it’s more like 12 hours.

I think only listening during the day would be ideal because during the night is the only time your subconcious has no other input from outside, or maybe only a little bit. This gives your subconcious the time to fully process the script without being distracted with other input. However the theory of DarkPhilospher also makes sense. I personally still support my own theory, but it’s simply impossible for me to get enough exposure without listening overnight.


When I listened at night, I get weirder dreams.

So something must be happening during that time.


Ditto on the dreams. They are more vivid with subs running and I feel more aware of myself in the dream. Usually dreams are like watching TV so that you’re detached from what’s going on. Since running Khan while I sleep, I feel more in control of my dream self.