Running Emperor with Khan (and probably QL too)

Anyone here have experience running Emperor with Khan? I don’t plan on doing this anytime soon as I want give to Emperor a couple months more exposure. Still I wonder how Khan Total Breakdown ST1 and ST2 will interact with Emperor. Good idea or no? I would like to keep Emperor running with it as I’m liking what I’m getting from it.

I do plan on adding QL within the next month though. Potential Emperor, Khan, QL stack… :exploding_head:


Yeah I meant to post this in the Questions & Comments section… whoops. Any way this could get moved over there? @HypeDaddySovereign


Yep. Moved.


I’d like to revisit this.

Has anyone ran Emperor with Khan ST4? How was it? Would this be a good combo for sales?

Much appreciated

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I did read on forum that someone said that Khan and Emperor was better together than Khan and Stark, but im not sure how they mix. A social emperor with extreme dominance and focus on your goals maybe.

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