Running Ascended Mogul V2... want to run EV4


I’ve been running it all day through headphones at work, on speakers at home, or in my car for 8 days. I’m also playing limit destroyer over night. How long should I run it before switching to EV4?


I mean if you are totally new to subs i would say give it a month. Then get emperor v4 and listen to it for a few months minimum.


I ran some of the other guy’s subs a year ago so not totally new. I’m just getting impatient and want someone to tell me it’s ok to switch. Support told me to build a base with AM then switch as well.

Okay, three more weeks.


Why exactly are you getting impatient?

Some people get results instant and some it takes time. Everyone is different especially when it comes to your subconscious.


I recommend you let your mind more time to rest and process the information, at least don’t use subs when you’re sleeping


From what I understand, most if not all of the AM script is within EV4. So I feel like it’s redundant to run just AM. I’m getting decent results so far. I’ve been insanely productive, and have started thinking about financial things I didn’t prior. I also feel more confident even though I’m generally pretty confident already. My eye contact is better right now.


AM is never redundant. (The OG subs get no respect…)

AM is a great foundation for whatever you build on afterwards, it works quite fast, is entirely focused and within one month you have your wealth consciousness installed.

Emperor is for the long haul, it can take six months to feel it’s total effects.


Thanks for your reply. That’s the reasoning I was looking for… something to explain why it is foundational.


I’m gonna be straight to the point. If you look at the description of AM and you can’t check off every box listed there, it’s not time to leave. No disrespect intended, but I feel as if a lot of people overestimate where they are at on that personal power scale.

Emperor is great but it builds on AM. Think of it like this, if you run emperor too early and run into snags that’s gonna be AM problems on top of emperor problems. You’ll experience heavy reconciliation, have trouble growing, and the process will be painful. Whereas if you stay on AM, continue to get good results and gradually build, by the time you hit emperor you’ll be ready.

It’s a very common trend here I see where people run after the big guns. Then they grit their teeth and fight though the pain and have trouble seeing results. Where you consciously believe you are and where you’re actually at subconsciously can be drastically different. And your ego might say that you can handle it, but deeper levels of your subconscious wont. It’s like weightlifting, you wouldn’t walk over to a squat rack and load up 400lbs on the bar having only ever maxed out 150lbs, you’d destroy your body.

Unless I’m completely wrong here. But I was under the assumption emperor was an advanced version of AM. And that foundation is a requirement, not a suggestion.


If emperor can take up to 6 months for it to start working I can’t imagine how long it would take to unlock the potential of something like Khan st4


If you look at @friday’s journal, he’s still getting big results on Khan Komplete. Same for @AMASH. Guys like @yardbird and @oldchap are absolutely killing it on Emperor.

The caveat is they’ve all dedicated 4 months to a year to their listening. No shortcuts here.


We are not here for quick results and then to stay on that level or quit. We are all here for profound life-changing results that last a lifetime.

Subliminals give us an edge and advantage.

We first need to rebuild our past traumatic events that have been holding us back (and most of us have a lot of them, I doubt you would be here if you already have everything you desire). Through this we achieve the next step being on high average level competing with the top 10%. And if you stick through, continue taking action and dedicate to your vision you have the chance to go beyond all this.

I don’t want to demotivate anyone, you will still see results in 30 days but exceptional results need action, dedication and time… It is no magic pill.