Running 1-2 Q loops during day or night?


I can only run about 1-2 loops of Stark Q without getting any bad side effects like tiredness or headache. I normally run it before going to bed while watching TV. (it may be better to run it while not listening to anything else.)

I wonder, however, if the ultrasonic is more effective if I run it during night while sleeping? it would be only 1-2 loops and let it process during the rest of the night and during day.

Is the subconscious mind more receptive during sleep?


The last information was that it is NOT advised to listen while sleeping.

You can try out one loop in the morning, and one loop before going to bed. (Watching TV while listening is fine)


I think this advice not to listen during sleep is from a time (pre Q) where you had to listen to more loops for the same effect you are getting with just 1 loop of Q, which prevented you from a good sleep. I was, however, thinking about just 1-2 loops which should not affect sleep as much.


Maybe because it’s more effective or for an as of yet unknown reason Q tends to hit a bit harder when run at night. I run 1 loop at night and a few during the day, but the first time it hit me like a hammer. And the fact that I haven’t been sleeping as well may have something to do with it.

I think it’s subjective. Give it a try.


thanks for the input guys!

I did run 1 loop of StarkQ tonight and had problems falling asleep. This is normal when you are not used to subliminal during night but will get better over time. The result, however, was really much stronger than if I’ve listened during day while watching TV. Maybe it is better listening to it while having silence.

It took about 6-7 hours before I felt the effects and I got a big drive in the morning to do something productive which did not happen often before.

In the past I did too many loops with StarkQ and EmperorQ so I got a negative effect. I really think just 1 loop per day with some day off is what works best for me.

I really try to follow my intuition listening to my body and be careful not to overdo it like I did in the past.


This is what I do. I’ve now built up some loops with StarkQ and EmperirQ as I’ve used them for a while.

I’m tired for sure and definitely need a nap during the day however I’ve had some great results from using them during the night.

In my opinion I only use my subs during the night as I am in the same place and not moving or doing anything where I have to take headphones off or go anywhere.

I then let the information process during the day instead. That was my experience anyway.

Oops :eyes:

I’d like some confirmation on this just so I can alter my schedule if necessary.

Oh I definitely don’t hit one loop, as I’ve ran StarkQ for a while I’m hitting quite a few loops of Stark and one less for Emperor. Maybe I should tone it down?

The headache I’m slightly getting may say yes aha.

Yeah the results for me seem to be great with it during deep, I just wake up tired but willing to work and all sorts. Maybe I need to lower my loops though, I currently have it at 4 for StarkQ and 3 for Emperor.

I’ve listened to both since they’ve came out so maybe I can continue, who knows?

Intituion is important, I need to build mine up for sure. Just keep monitoring your progress.


I honestly think this is too much you are doing. I previously did 6-10 loops of EmperorQ with mostly bad side effects for about 1 month. Now I went down to just 1 loop of StarkQ and I’m getting better results plus I don’t get any bad side effects.

Really, less is more in regards to Q.


I’m definitely going to go down to maybe 2:1 ratio of Stark/Emperor for now and see how it goes.

It was because I had built up but I think ego and impatience for results after having a negative effect on QT made me want to push up the loops. I gotta draw back. Tonight I’ll do the lower loops and take the weekend off.


where you read this?


I was doing 8loops of KhanQ for six weeks (at night) and I felt little changes. Now I listen to 4loops and have two days off/week and I feel and see its power. But I’ve been using subs for over five years now.


It is still working when you do 8 loops. When you do 2-3 your subconscious isn’t as occupied by processing and helping make things manifest. So you are more aware about 2-3 loops, but 8 is deeper and appears slower because it is actually going deeper and helping you internalize and become your normal thoughts and behaviour.


your theory sounds nice theoretically but I don’t think this is how it works. doing so many loops I did not have any positive effects. mostly negative.


Is it possible that it manifested events in your life so that you can experience it on your way to realizing your full potential. It is working, based on the pace you want to achieve results. Again, is it possible it is bringing to your awareness things that you should deal with and process on a conscious level. Subconscious is updating your conscious/awareness. I agree, I go based on experiences. The question is how are you handling/dealing with the experience. If the experience feels detrimental, and overwhelming then you are at that moment processing things and it is at that moment where you have to decide to keep it or let go/release etc…


Good information but it’s little different compared to what Saint told us …


It’s all good. I am only sharing my experiences in life. I’ve done 10 hours of Q subs per day or more. Everyone needs to find what’s best for them. It is possible that I can process subs faster. I do not know, I experiment and find what best works for me. That includes putting myself through different states. If things are brought to the surface, I am taking it as something that is brought to my awareness. There is a reason why it is brought to the surface.


Doesnt mean I dnt trust u it’s just that I’m new to subs especially Q…


It’s all good. Don’t trust me. :wink:


Sorry if I offended u …didn’t mean too


I’m not offended. No feelings hurt. I say question everything. :wink:


This is not what Saint told me when I presented my routine to him. He said it was probably too much and was suppressing my growth. To grow you need to experience the manifestations. And now when I cut down the loops I see it although only 10 days has passed. Saint said you need to find your sweet spot where conciliation is not too overwhelming and where you can see you’re growing so it seems to me I found it.

I listen to it at night; 1 hours of KhanQ and one hour of silence and I intertwine it for 8 hours. Maybe I could do some more experiments but I see a huge change and I’ve not seen it for almost two years while I was using the other company subs, Now I’m doing St3 and I’m planing to rerun the first stage someday soon, on Q this time.