RoM CWoN QL ME, Magickal Life

So finally, I am doing a journal of my own as it should be.

My new stack for reference and in the future posts:
QL St4
Mind’s Eye


For 3 days straight now, I was exclusively listening to RoM and CWoN. Slight recon like taking a nap longer, i noticed.

This morning I ran CWoN 15min and RoM 15min back-to-back as usual, and after that I meditated about 40 minutes.

In my meditation I felt my subtle energy sensitivity was heightened to the point of I was having goosebumps for about 10-15 minutes long. Also, at this point I was so grateful, so thankful for the things that I have manifested in my life. Within these 10-15 minutes of goosebumps, part of it I was crying because the overflowing of gratitude.

Do note I began meditation for enlightenment, an eastern meditation that required personal initiations. This opened my eyes when it comes to spirituality but also cause a lot of hardships in my life for me, as enlightenment is transformation that breaks you apart, to learn, to grow and be enlightened.

When I realized it’s not working for me due to a lot of upheavals that was bringing into my life, I quitted doing it. Even though I had achieved a state of awareness that you feel massive expansiveness that you have the instant “knowing” I can manifest almost instantly, but sadly I cannot maintain to meditate diligently for many hours a day to maintain my meditative prowess, as there were temptations to socialize that brought me down, heartaches, physical health and what not. It’s hard to maintain perseverance when you’re in a strict path to enlightenment.

Those days reaching pure awareness into spacious void of nothingness was normal for me, nowadays I am not capable-- I missed that part. I hope to be able to do it one day without me going back again to this eastern meditation. Maybe Rom and the upcoming RoS can help me…

As I finally decided I want a new path, last 3 years ago I started doing meditation but with Angels, Archangels this time. This was the best decision in my life as it was the start that led me to and brought solution to my financial issues and my health issues improved. The meditation with Angels was only the start for me doing magick for money and for health.’

I am doing magick rituals, calling divine powers. I do magick with the angels exclusively as I can, since my humble beginnings was meditation for enlightenment. I do not want to do curse magick or black magick… I hope not :sweat_smile:

You can conclude to say that the meditation I had done this morning was with the Archangels. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and CWon, RoM connected me more with them (the goosebumps) and brought out my deep gratitude for them. :heart_eyes:

When I started my journey here in SC, it’s because I do not want to rely on magick too often, as I thought was there something else can I add to it. Well, seek and you shall find, and I found SC on GOMDE FB group, a group discussing and sharing magick tips and results. Whoever you are that posted it, thank you!

For months I have been testing SC subs alone and what they can do, so i was not doing any magick rituals not even meditation, for me to evaluate the subs as they are. My honest observation tells me these subs works. Now my personal evaluation period is done, I’m glad to say, it is my will to incorporate SC subs into my magickal life :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

At this point, I could not ask for more, as SC subs, magick and meditation all together, I intuitively think is a good combo for me. Will I achieve my target goals then? Let see :wink:

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Really love your stack. All of them will make your mind powerful.

For meditation and manifestation, do consider adding Alchemist later down the line. I have only used ST1 but since I had other goals to attend to, I didn’t complete Alchemist.

But am sure Alchemist will serve your goals well if you use it.


Similar path here. Saying hello.
waving download
bear waving images

Wish you continued good journeys.


Thanks @Lion :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I will add Alchemist later on. I read some of your thread back then re alchemist. I understand we do change our stacks based on our priorities.

For now my main goal is learning coding, the job of QL and ME :star_struck: RoM is noted to be for coders too. While studying coding, I think, the good things about these subs and I consider bonus effects are deep meditation, deep understanding in life in general, insights and intuition, running in the background, preparing my neural pathways and my mind that would be readily available to help me whenever I decide to immerse again in deep meditation, or do magick

Rom and CWoN are, to add more intuition (figuring coding) and to help me to have positive outlook. I think having positive outlook is important especially when chasing my goals. I can’t afford pessimistic attitude while studying hard.


:heart_eyes: I know man, we’re on the same page, you and I :blush:


It’s 11pm here already but the effect RoM-CWoN still doesn’t wear off that easily. I just watched an old 2008 movie Outlander, and it was engaging and entertaining. These subs still having effect on me.

As if i was watching in big immersive cinema but only thru my 15-inch laptop. Next time I will ready my popcorn :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yesterday I noticed some libido arising, but today I can confirm it.

I read that when you ran subs in the past for ample amounts of time, RoM would manifest the supposed subs effects again in you, even if you’re not listening to the previous subs? Cool! :star_struck: Talk about convenience.

I ran WANTED for like two months back then, and one of the effects on me was libido.


So, I was appreciating my libido this afternoon it had come to my attention that libido imparts happiness, or happiness imparts libido. Libido has some sort of anti-depressant effect that makes you go chase what you want in life, your sense of drive. Having libido is what it feels like to be living.

I did not mean to have sex or masturbate just to satisfy oneself, but libido for what it is, is a part that makes your life worth living. It just feels goooood…

In my late teens when was in the beginning of my deep meditations that boosted my libido a lot and it was making me crazy as I want to eradicate my high libido back then. I was thinking it must be so there would be no distraction into my strict spiritual path of enlightenment. But I was wrong to think about that way… young and foolish.

Two decades in my life later when I became seriously ill and in my deathbed, I lost my libido , even my soldier down there was suffering . This made me miss my libido, but not today :sweat_smile:

Seriously though what I was trying to say that you don’t know what you’re missing until you no longer have it. If I only knew how to think about it in a certain way, a proper mindset I would not make a fool out of myself.

Going more than a decade ago, before my deatrhbed scene, I had looked into Mantak Chia multi orgasmic man book. I was thinking to learn and master it, but sadly I think no one ever had done it and some say it is dangerous as he doesn’t know or did not give the proper instructions of how to do it, on Qi Qong forums. They said Mantak Chia is a fraud that he got some of his materials from other authors of masters or their arts. Who knows, but it was not for me.

So, for long years it always come to my mind how to control it and then later I developed a technique, how not to fap but still enjoy the temporary satisfaction. It took me few months to control over my libido, but I can honestly say wasting semen is definitely under my control.

“I embrace my libido and use it for my greater good” is my mantra now