Road to Realisation (Trans.Med.3) - Emp, UA, Rebirth


What happened so far?
In the last 2 seasons (Season 2 was pretty lame in the middle, but it got better) we are now in season 3, were it is about actual realisation. The last seasons were to build the foundation. Now we build the actual temple.
Short reminder: I quit my job to build an online-business, created some ideas, chose to focus solely on relaxation and my business until both got to a satisfying level.
New characters along the way were introduced, including my coach I will hopefully meet soon in person and become friends with.
To build the empire this whole thing is about I need to create a certain product. For that I need inspiration, creativity and productivity. Therefore Ultimate Artist and Beyond Limitless. Rebirth is to help preventive with upcoming emotional stuff, so I get the healing and relaxation, relieve stress and yeah just relax to bring balance to the business aspect.

I just had 2 loops of Beyond Limitless and I dont know if it’s just me or I am going nuts but after the first loop I had very little visual effects, as if static things start moving. But its possible that it is just the DMT I accidentally released while listening.
Havent much else so far. I then went on to a loop of Ultimate Artist and started the creative process. Dont know if it’s placebo but while listening I had an easier time formulating things and creating the next thing I want to convey seamlessly in my mind.
Pretty cool.
The product is about 10% completed, I set myself a deadline in 14 days, 10 left.

Edit: I can also say that Beyond Limitless seems to work instantly, meaning I felt something instantly. Yesterday I saw some videos around the topic of DMT and Ayahuasca and there were these endless fractals that kept morphing and moving etc. When I listened to Beyond Limitless I tried to create these patterns in my mind and it worked really well. It was like someone was taking some of the work of imagining and moving them from me. It wasnt very vivid though.


Day 1
I have to set up some sort of schedule for each subliminal. The most important thing now is to figure out if the ultrasonics of Rebirth and UA work or dont work (as efficiently) for me. To do this I decided to listen to the ultrasonics of them only for a few days and see if anything noticeable changes. This is going to be a challenge since it is the nature of subclub’c products that the change feels very natural.


Day 2
I know I said Id listen to UA only on ultrasonics, but I realised it would be counterproductive, since I am actually working on the product right now, meaning I want the effects ASAP. So I decided to continue with the ultrasonic-project only with Rebirth.
So yesterday I did some artwork for the project and I havent drawn anything for a long time and I am pretty satisfied with the results! If UA works this fast than this is really incredible

I had a dream about my dad. He and I had an argument about why I quit my job. I explained it to him in great detail and the most funny part was that I actually remembered all the contents of the business books I read. You know, these books where they tell you this is what bad businesses do, this is what successfull businesses do.
I am not sure but I think we also argued about me creating my own business and it seems like this upset him. I said “It is common to not earn any money the first year of your business” and he disagreed and then I said something along the lines like I have read the books etc.

Man I really must have absorbed this business-stuff like a sponge while watching/reading


Day 2 - Entry 2
Someone from my classes send me a message and asked me how much it would cost to design a website. I have no idea if this is going to be a sale for me but if it is, man… I will sink on my kness and stare into space with an open mouth and mumbling gibberish for like 30 minutes. This is the second time this week someone asks me something like this. Definitely a manifestation. Woah…


Day 3
My neighbour asked if I had a gf and that she’d date me if she way my age.
Problem is she is abou 88yo and doesnt see very well…

Fire, Saint… I think there is a little bug in the “woman attraction”-module :sweat_smile:


Day 6 - 24th of October 2019
49 hours of Emperor. I still listen to the other subs as well (UA, Rebirth, BL)
I remember a few dreams. There was an attack in a stadion. And then a dream with Matt Damon of course.
Guess my day is fucked.

Edit: Ok so I think I have figured it out. Maybe it means I shouldnt give it too much attention and power.


Day 6 - 24th of October 2019 - 51h of Emperor - Entry 2
There is a workshop I signed up for today… I totally dont feel like attending. I feel like it is a waste of time and I just dont feel comfortable.
I will update you on what happened when I get back home.

Update: So… it was actually pretty nice BUT … a huge lack of selfconfidence especially in the beginning guys. It was painful. At some points I felt like a little boy among adults, which is really weird since we were all the same age group.
But yeah, it was good that I went there

Edit: Tomorrow I will also update on an experience I had while meditating. I assume BL influenced my visualisation skill.


Day 7 - 25th of October 2019 - 51h of Emperor
What I wanted to tell you about is a very interesting experience I had yesterday while meditatign and I suspect it is an effect from Beyond Limitless.
So I was lying there and suddenly I remembered when I woke up I had this ability to “feel things real”, if that makes sense. So I did it again and concentrated on it and voila. While I didnt see anything I definitely had a kinesthetic halluzination as if the thing I am holding/touching really was there. On top of that I even had auditory hallucination. It was the sound of flowing water - guess why…

Edit: Noticed more attention from attractive females


Day 8 - 26th of October 2019 - 52h of Emperor
Had a few interesting dreams about fighting wild animals again.
I am pretty happy with my life right now. I am making progress, I stopped crying about my social life (my social life actually improved meaning I got to know really high status people my age, which is very very rare) and my overall situation/outlook improved. The things I will improve now is my relaxation and stress relief. I feel like I have been doing too little for it lately. I also notice heavier stress symptoms in my body since I started listening to Rebirth. Maybe it is stress unloading itself in the body so it can be released.
The other thing I want to improve is my listening time to emperor. I want to get to stable 2 hours per day. Also I will experiment with listening to the previous version of emperor and limitless. Guess it was a mistake to assume the new versions replace the old ones entirely.


Day 9 - 27th of October 2019 - 54h of Emperor
Today is restday, meaning I dont listen to any subliminals and dont work today. Funny enough, I have a hard time relaxing on restday sometimes.
Anyway, there is something I want to share with you that really stands out for me on this “emperor journey”. Normally I am a very sensitive and naiive person. I often trusted people easily and when I found out they betrayed me or tricked me it was like a world fell apart from me and I broke down somehow.
The last time this happens was with this guy I meet on the street, I mentioned him in Transcending Mediocrity 2, I guess. Anyway, yesterday I had a very profound… lets not call it realisation, but thought, that really makes sense to me. I dont want to go into too much detail but it basically shakes and crumbles everything down I thought I know about spiritual stuff. Everything.
Now you must think I am depressed as hell for being disillusioned this hard.
Thats exactly the point. I am very calm and collected. I can think abouit it, analyse the thoughts, compare it with other information and edit my concept of reality.
Before I would have… well, I would have cried and broken down, to be honest.
There is definitely progress happening in my mind.


Day 10 - 28th of October 2019 - 54h of Emperor
I havent listened to Emperor nor Rebirth today, only to Ultimate Artist while working on my book.
The reason being is that I think that the messages Emperor feeds my subconscious are so heavy, my subconscious needs time to progress them in order to make the necessary changes.
I have been out today and while I was still lacking self confidence, I somehow felt my baseline has been lifted again. I didnt feel als alpha or secure, but I noticed I have no problem anymore looking someone into the eyes. I also noticed many men, way stronger, older and taller than me, were drawn to my eyes as if they were magnets to them. I guess this is the challenging-other-men-in-order-to-get-their-respect-part. I also noticed women were friendlier than usual. It is not like they were melting in my prince-charming-aura, but they smiled when we walked into each other’s way for example.

Let’s talk about Ultimate Artist. Mainly there are two things I have noticed so far: Confidence in skills and Creativity. The first is simple and it means that I feel like I have gained confidence in creating products for other people because I really believe they can help them.
And I have noticed more creativity during working, meaning the ideas just flow and I dont even stop writing to think about the next sentence. It just comes. I also get really good ideas about other products I can create. I feel like Ultimate Artist and Emperor are a really good combo.


That’s awesome, @ExploringAstronaut. Emperor and UA definitely looks like a good combo.

Since I am doing Khan, I had also stacked Ultimate Artist with it for my own writing goals. But I felt that since I was starting with Total Breakdown in ST1, UA was just not working for me since more time was going into breaking down my beliefs compared to instilling creativity (and I felt that even UA was being broken down if that makes sense). I felt totally uninspired with ST1+UA.

So I removed it from the stack and will add UA back to Khan when I reach its ST3 or ST4


Day 13 - 31th of October 2019 - 60h of Emperor
I had a great epiphany. I am ruining my progress with deconstructive / selfconstructive behaviour.
Obvious, right? I am really desparate to talk to anyone to have a meaningful conversation, just a little bit of meaning. But there is noone. And therefore I waste my time on social media smalltalking with people who at best have low interest in me and most likely dont care at all.
I dont want to figure out what the case is.
And there is other kinds of behaviour I will end drastically to improve my results.
I hate this feeling of needing something so small and begging people about it.
One of the internal/slight things I have noticed and I guess it is from Emperor is that I dont consider myself in certain situations/scenarios as impossible anymore. Of course it is very vast to say it never happens anymore but when I think about women or money or success or friendship or whatever for example it feels like I have a connection to it and I can get it if I concentrate enough on it.
I even think I have an easier time achieving certain goals.

Let’s talk about my product. It is almost finished, like 2/3 of it. I am happy with the progress I am making although I could do better. Especially talking about wasting time on youtube, for example.
I will have to review the product and see if everything is correct before I proceed. Publication date is near.


Well that is very positive :slight_smile:


That’s awesome, @ExploringAstronaut. Wishing you success!


Thanks brothers


Day 14 - 1st of November 2019 - 62h of Emperor
I had an idea. In my old classes until a few months ago I had a mentor I really liked. To say I liked him is really understated. I admire him. Sadly I dont have classes with him anymore and he affected my thinking and my mindset in such a great way that I wish I could attend his class again to squeeze everything out of what he has to offer. So I thought “What is the next thing that comes closest?”. My memories.
And which program can help me to access my memories? Limitless.
Right now I am really not sure which version of Limitless to use for what. But I used Limitless X in class on wednesday and I noticed I could remember some of the very early lessons I had with my mentor.
I feel like I am really unto something here.


Day 15 - 2nd of November 2019 - 62h of Emperor
I wanted to share this yesterday, here it goes. You know these different stages of behaviour, where at first something feels very alien to do. Then with time you think more about it and you think “Hm… Maybe I could do it too…” and after that “Why should I not be able to do it?”
I feel I am coming to this stage in regards to talking to girls. This must look strange to a lot of people but I have never ever asked a girl out on a date. My greatest achievement so far is meeting with a girl for studying a few months ago. There are many reasons why this was like this, which dont really matter anymore. But I noticed it yesterday when I was outside and I saw a girl and I felt like… I was really close to approach her, as I rushed to an appointment. You know what I am talking about? It feels like this inner hurdle becomes less and less.


Day 17 - 4th of November 2019 - 62h of Emperor
Guys… never ever listen to Beyond Limitless while watching a fractal video. Just sayin.


Day 17 - 4th of November 2019 - 62h of Emperor - Entry 2
Great news! I manifested again last minute! There was a meeting with someone I wanted to surprise by handing them over my book. Problem was, it would have been really difficult to arrange and finish everything to that date. So yesterday and this morning I wrote down “I give them my book in front of everyone and I am so glad about it”
Now, lo and behold: Just a few minutes ago someone told me the appointment was cancelled because someone couldnt attend and we would postpone the meeting for more than 2 weeks! More than enough time to finish my book!
The reason this is important is because among of them are some friends of my family who doubt my decision to quit my job. What better way to show all of them what I have been doing than to present my book? A bit obnoxious, I know, but it was the perfect opportunity and it seems like it would have been ruined, but no no no. Everything is fine.

Edit: After I have published my book I will go on vacation… I think I will resign for a month and concentrate on my inner wellbeing and healing only. I really look forward to it.