Ring ring hello u there


I have been using the subs on a new device and I checked before on frequencee but I didn’t understand much so I set the volume according to what I could best understand I have experienced ringing last time, I took a break for a day and reduced the volume by a point and now it’s happened again, I don’t want my ears to get damaged


What DB did Frequensee show your sub was playing at?


Below -50 I think


Hm that shouldn’t be loud enough to cause any damage. How much are you listening to the subs? Assuming you’re not using headphones to listen (in which case, stop immediately), my suggestion would be to maybe take more than just a day off. Try 2-3, maybe even a week.

Any number of things could be causing the ringing. Is the ringing painful or do you just hear ringing? Because there’s also every possibility that your ears have become sensitive/attuned to listening to super/ultrasonic frequencies and the “ringing” you’re hearing is the ultra high pitch of the subliminal. The frequencies used although mostly ignored by our senses, is still perceptible by them. Note that this might create some discomfort but it shouldn’t be painful. If the ringing is painful and the pain persists after an extended break, then it might be a good idea to consult a physician.


I usually hear the ringing after I finish my loop for the day when I’m watching something else or doing nothing, it rings for a few seconds then it’s gone, I listen to it everyday without a break but I feel nothing has happened yet but if something is on it’s way I should be prepared


That definitely seems like tinnitus. Although it’s not necessarily caused by the ultrasonics, as tinnitus affects 1/5 people and can be the result of a few things, including exposure to loud noise. That said, the noise exposed to has to be pretty loud and the exposure has to be prolonged. As long as you’re not going over -20DB (I use -40DB as a buffer limit), it shouldn’t be causing any tinnitus, accute or otherwise. You can see a doctor to confirm that it is, in fact, that. Afterward you can ask your doctor about (and/or do research on) treatment options. Treatment for tinnitus is pretty basic, and you shouldn’t be overly concerned as it is usually not serious and will go away on it’s own.


I just came back from the doctor she said my ears r fine but I should probably stop using the subs, I told her it’s really helping me and so we decided to take a break for a bit then reduce the volume and then use it and if my ear rings again come see her
I’m kinda concerned now and don’t know what to do @SaintSovereign @Fire can u share ur views