Reviews of Custom SubClub subs


Eventually I would like to purchase Custom subs from SubClub. Was wondering whether anyone who have bought them, are open to sharing their experience. And whether anyone who is listening to them obtained any physical changes like height gain or penis enlargement incase they wanted that in their custom subs.


@DarkPhilosopher, @Simon - any thoughts on this or is it possible to tag someone who wouldn’t mind sharing their custom sub experience?


I read your post but since I don’t know who has any customs I figured I’d wait until the post dropped down and then bump it back up. Can’t do that now anymore.

Nonetheless it is a good question. Custom subs are also named subs. How much more effective are those? What are people’s experiences?


@DarkPhilosopher - Thanks for the “bump up”, my friend. Hopefully someone can answer this. I did search the forums and I didn’t find any journals of Custom orders and so am deeply curious about it.

Especially if it has major physical changes like specific health and body improvements. But any custom order experience would do and not only physical ones.

It is possible that Emperor Fitness could end up addressing physical changes but I would like to know what is possible with custom subs. Am personally saving up to get one in 3 to 4 months.

If am not mistaken, @SaintSovereign is using a custom sub himself. Maybe he can chime in if he can.


Most of our customs are of such a personal nature that they won’t wanna talk about their experiences. We did create a name embedded version of Emperor v4, though. Perhaps that individual will discuss their results.

Obviously, my comments will be biased. That being said, customs are the best way to get a specific concern or issue addressed. Thing is, to get the best results, you’ll have to be 100% honest with yourself about what your internal issues are – otherwise, we won’t be able to help. You’d think this would be a given, but people are notorious for lying to themselves about the core source of a particular issue.


Okay, @SaintSovereign. Thanks for the reply. I still wish someone could share something. But if not, it’s okay. I will find out for myself when I purchase the Custom sub. And share my experience too. Hopefully I won’t be too private about it by then :grin:


@SaintSovereign - would like to ask one question though. Can we ask for a physical health (like for eye health) and/or a physical transformation sub (like height increase or penis enlargement)?

I can understand if you don’t give a guarantee that it will work but has such subs worked on any of the customers or you?


It’s up to @Fire, and to be honest, I’ve never actually tested a sub like you’re suggesting. I did use Muay Thai Mastery X and Spartan at times, and those worked beautifully, so it’s conceivable that it COULD work. The issue is that we don’t want to charge anyone the custom fee (which is non-refundable) for it not to work, so historically, we’ve just turned those down. We might just make one, price it regularly, but give no refunds on that. That way, it’s just a $34.99 loss rather than hundreds.


And now we know why blackadder told us it was coming today! :slight_smile:


I don’t need any parts of my body changed except for being a bit more fit, but I love this idea. And, if there were 20 people who pledged to buy (knowing the potential risks and non-refundable status), it’d be the same net revenue for you guys as doing that custom sub for just 1 person.


Which risks do you mean?


Risk might be the wrong word. I meant buyers would need to accept that it would be a highly experimental sub and results are in no way guaranteed.

Upside, if it works, is you get an amazing result that you’d otherwise think would be an impossible achievement. Potential downside is you might be out $35 for something that didn’t work as you’d hoped.

Would I expect a subliminal audio to be able to change my height? No, I personally would not. Mindset though? Definitely. Hormone balance, blood pressure, even muscle mass etc? Absolutely.

I’ve spent far more than $35 on slim chances before, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. That’s the name of the game in biohacking. If I want a foolproof guarantee, I’ll go buy a toaster from Walmart. :wink:


Ah you mean financial risk. I though you meant risky for health.


Yep! Although if it does work, I doubt growing taller after adolescence would be painless… :laughing:


@SaintSovereign - thanks for the explanation.


is the face change module based on improving correct head bone structer, countering the habitual long term effects of mouth breathing? sort of like what mewing achieves?