Results Enhancements

Would it be better to have a sub without these modules so the custom will be much more focussed or it would be better to fill all the empty spots with those modules so the custom will produce better results?


Would be interesting to hear what @HypeDaddySovereign and/or @Fire has to say about this.

To me, adding Results Enhancement modules doesnt diminish the focus of a sub, because they are all working towards the same goal(s). Adding Aura of Craving to a custom sub designed to make one learn better however, does.

I came across this in the FAQ today:

How Do I Build a Major Subliminal From the SubClub Store?

It is very simple – simply choose the core of the subliminal you wish to build, and add, depending on your goals, either all result enhancing modules to keep it close to the original, or add modules that you would like and make your very own version of a major subliminal.

So it seems like result enhancement won’t really influence the goals of the original but will just make the cores more powerful.

Edit: I think I confused your question that you wanted the cores to stay focused, sorry! But I still think if you have empty slots, it doesn’t hurt to add them.


My question was for the subliminal as a whole not only for cores. For example we have mogul core and ultra productivity module. If i fill the spots with result enhancements what will happen? Mogul will be stronger? Mogul and ultra productivity will be stronger? It would be better if i add those result enhancements or the sub will be more focussed if i dont?

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I was actually thinking about making a pure results enhancement sub. I would stack it with everything I would run in the future. That way, I’d get all of the cool results enhancement stuff without sacrificing the effect modules that I might want.


I’m curious how you feel about this decision now that some time has passed.
A pure results enhancement subliminal sounds like a really good, flexible idea.

I’m thinking of creating one with Regeneration and several healing modules then I can focus my other customs on results.

Would you run it before or after the subliminal part? Do you know if there is any thread around this forum with discussion going on about this?

I run it after my main sub, and I stagger them for three loops. It seems to be working great for me. I’m the only one I’m aware of whose doing this, but you can read about it in my journal.

Will do thanks :slight_smile:

Seems like this approach would work best with the Mosiac module in it, and in the custom subs that you want to stack this pure results enhancement subliminal with. The only downside to this is that each “loop” would be 2 hours instead of 1.

@HypeDaddySovereign and/or @Fire: Can you guys confirm if what I said above is legit?

Any thoughts as to any of the results enhancement modules being essential to a build? Would one want to always put, say, Deus and Mosaic in a build?


My thoughts are Mosaic if your custom has many different directions/goals that could cause diffusion, or if you have a complicated stack in addition to your custom. It helps to make results less diffuse. It wouldn’t be as needed if you were running a pure healing, pure wealth, pure attraction custom solo. Although it still probably wouldn’t hurt.

Personally, I would have Deus in at least 1 custom I’m running at all times. Something akin to it is most likely a module in most major programs as well.

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