Results and Reconcilation

Just had some curiosity on what solo subs and/or stacks people have ran in the past.

What results did you get from what sub/stack and what do you feel gave you the best results?

What gave you the worst reconcilation and why do you think that was?

Just curious to see what people used up til now and how they responded to both positive and negative. I’ve been reading journals and I know this is what they’re for but think it would be a an interesting overall look at how people have changed, what they manifested and what they experienced in both results and reconciliation.

There’s probably threads like this already, apologies if there is.

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I feel like the two questions are actually related.

The programs with which I could feel the most obvious results were the same ones with the most noticeable reconciliation.

I think this is because results and reconciliation are the exact same thing. When you’re in a powerful rocket or turbo vehicle and it launches (Results), you’ll be pressed back into your chair, possibly uncomfortably (Reconciliation).

Doesn’t have to be uncomfortable though. For those who choose the right conditions and who are ready for it, it can even be fun.


(For me, the program that has hit deepest and most clearly so far has been Alchemist. It’s also (I think) the one with which I first became aware of reconciliation in a clear way.)


worst reconciliation for me have been Mind’s Eye,
Regeneration and Alchemist, followed by PCC.

Why for me because they all point to my deepest trauma and fears I currently have- seeing the worst in things, being broken, and spiritually cast out/dark night of the soul, no connection and trust in a higher power-just a mad world- respectively…PCC because I consider others to much naturally


What kind of reconciliation did you experience on ME? This is surprising.

it passed in a week
I was paranoid and having panic attacks about manifesting scenarios like
bear attacks in the woods, (when hiking) , fear of going blind by thinking about it, it felt a bit like I was in and out of a nightmare. I also got weird head pressure and effects in my face.
It’s pretty funny looking back on it, really brought out my neuroticism
what can I say-that’s the price of creativity sometimes :slight_smile:
But after that running it felt like pure clarity to my mind and being.


For me the worst reconciliation were with healing sub. Khan St1 first. Made me sad, angry everything.

I wanted to kill people, watch the world suffer (of course, i would never be violent) . Be left alone. And then back to normal… And then again super dark ideas. It really bring back my shadow.

Just right now I am running I AM terminus and I can tell you I don’t feel good, I’m pretty up and down😅

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I like that way that you put this, and it makes sense truly. What were your positive results with Alchemist and how did it affect you in reconcilation? What kind of things came up for you?

Interesting that your reconcilation was on those four and what they lead to overall - it’s a nice input for what they lead to for you in terms of fears and being broken etc. Very interesting indeed.

I feel quite lucky that I don’t think I’ve experienced that much negativity on Khan Stage 1. I’ve questioned a bunch of stuff and all that but it’s been quite smooth.

Did you use the original Khan or Q? (Not sure if there was an update for Khan before Q? I know Emperor was on Volume 4.)

Can you explain more of your experience with I AM?

Thanks to everyone who responded so far. I love seeing people’s experiences in a shortened manner of what they used and the positives/negatives that were bought up - I do love to read journals but just for a short insight I thought this thread would be useful.

What’s people’s favourite sub so far?

Or if you’re using a custom, stand out module and why?

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Hahahaha, makes my shadow emerge!