Requesting for Advice


My Current Program since Jan 1 2020, has been QL. And I plan to run each stage for 3 months throughout 2020.

How much of the following may I add without making the program too heavy.

GOALS with sub choice
*Improve Brain capacity/ self learning Programming- QL

*I have to work actively for my father’s business. He has fallen sick, and is currently inactive. My initial plan was to attack the business side of life from 2021,
But now that has to be paid attention to immediately, because of unforseen events.- EOG/EV4 + PCC

*Because I maintain very unhealthy lifestyle while on stress, EF can help me take care of that- EMP Fit


Personally, I’ve thought that way myself in times past. Fear was on my shoulder non-stop. But jumping to other subs and goals–due to fear–had me kicking my own ass later. No progress was made.

I found that consistently working on weakening my fear is how I found sanity. For fear is loud, obnoxious, and nagging. He’s a loud liar, nothing else.

Do you want to keep jumping, or do you desire some reprieve from constant fear?

I suspect your thoughts are “I have to say … so I won’t look bad”. That’s fear. It’s nothing but a relentless bully. You were courageous to write this, knowing you might be slammed or shunned.

What would give YOU peace? What do YOU really need? You don’t have to write it here.


I’d rather suggest QL+Mogul+Sanguine and Meditation


Emperor wouldn’t be suitable for the family business at all. Mogul is better.

So what happened to your long term plan? And do you see these subs as doing the hard work for you?

@DarkPhilosopher wants to chime in…



I suggest keeping it simple and sticking to it. SubClub will undoubtedly release new and awesome things while you are still working on your current stack. Don’t get distracted by new and shiny things when what you have works for you. And don’t overload your mind either, that will just work against you.

Although I obviously recommend everybody buy everything in the store, I’d say you don’t need EFit right now, since the benefits you’re looking for are present in the other subs. I have noticed my eating and exercise habits improve thanks to Khan/EoG and my stress resistance thanks to the meditation habits I developed on Alchemist. My communication is improving on PCC. My learning ability is slowly improving as well.

I like Astronaut’s suggestion. I do however think you should not put emphasis on QL. Limitless code is present in all major subs. Even though it is not as strong as QL is, you will notice your learning improving once you start taking action and actually study.

So instead you could pick another multistage. Either Khan+Mogul or EoG+Ascended Mogul, since I do think you may need a little bad boy boost from the masculine man. Likely PCC since it seems to be light, fast-acting and helps with communication and Sanguine since you appear to need some positive reframing in your life. Building that meditation habit as Astronaut suggests is a good thing.

And then go back to my first sentence and stick to it.


All you need to do is resume Khan Stage 4 alongside your QL 2020 program.
Plus, ensure you eat home food at lunch, and limit abusing tea/coffee.

That’s it.

I know that without an explanation, this reply evokes “What the hell is Simon thinking?”
But, I spent 20 minutes thinking on this, and don’t want to use 2 hours typing the logic. :smile:


Emp fit is out for now.

it’s either

QL, Khan, PCC


I learnt something important recently, u don’t need a sub for everything, this increases dependence on subs, imagine one day needing a sub to brush ur teeth.

The way I look at it now is pick one main goal, and use a sub for it or use subs for something u want to put on autopilot and focus on the other things since subs make progress easier. The main trick is to see subs as support because that’s what they are and work as if u didn’t have the subs, what u need more then 10 subs is 10 actionable steps in ur routine that help u fulfill ur goals


Dude no offense but every time i visit this forum you suggest different playlists for yourself. Just pick 2-3 for 1-2 goals that you want to achieve in the next 6 months not in 20 years. Just be passionate for what you are doing now and pick your playlists accordingly. These are some tools dont overthink it. What you want to have in the next 6 months and you are willing to work hard for?


On @myspace123’s point, a main sub should be covering around 70-90% of your main aims. No sub combination can do everything for you.

@mecharc you’ve seen the new release, you’re distracted by how new Emperor Fitness is and you want us to validate/agree with your choice. Fair?

Your aims haven’t changed drastically, so why are you being lured by the new shiny product? Stick with what you already have if you want results.



I’m not offering suggestions, but if you do go with AM it may also help with your other problem.


To clarify…


After witnessing this for quite some time now, I think I can give an actual advice @mecharc
I think I am qualified to help you with this because I struggled with the same issue and to some degree I still am. It is simple: You want to invest in yourself, which is great, but at the same time this part of you thinks it is done by purchasing stuff that is supposed to help you. And then you buy it, lose interest in it and buy something else, to “invest in yourself”. Actually I think one or more of the programs you have listened to intensified this because there is a anti-wealth-ceiling-script in them but you probably weren’t aware of it and fought against it by giving in even more.
So you think the more you gather around you, the better person you are. I know this, I am I got about 1000 books saved in my bookmarks. But you need to become aware of it.
It doesn’t lead you anywhere, you should notice this by now.

The solution is simple, but maybe not easy: You must learn to appreciate yourself and gratify yourself for being on the journey of self-realisation in the first place. Realise that you are getting where you want to be and you will be there when the time is right. No need to stress out. Just focus on what you want to do and enjoy the ride. You see, you are so stressed out to be and get everywhere at the same time, that you don’t get anywhere with this.

Buying stuff is not the best investment. Using what you already got is.

Hope this helps.


Thank you all for your advice.

I think everytime something new comes up, my long term focus gets distracted. But, the difference was that, this time I didn’t act on my distraction ( buy the new sub)

Ql, K, PCC is the way for me to go.

Thank you everyone!


Another little trick that I’ve used at times in the past around impulse purchasing, I just took a picture on my smartphone of the thing that appealed to me in that moment. It still felt like I’d gotten something.

Kind of scratched the same itch.

On the one hand, you feel like you’ve gotten something. On the other, you can tell yourself that you’re keeping a record for perhaps buying it in the future.


We are also similar when it comes to the long-term planning. In the end of 2019 I created several lists of various programs, subliminals, hypnosis files etc. I own and want to purchase. Then I went on and created “infographics” that looked like skill trees. I went on to plan which subliminals to use in 2020 and for how long, for what goal etc.
I had fun messing around with this, but needless to say in the end it almost never turns out this way. If you have fun doing this too, I recommend you keep doing it but realise at the same time it is just playing around and nothing you are really going to do.
Do it just for fun and drop it.