Request to Update Khan Sales Page Descriptions


@SaintSovereign @Fire
I know Khan accompanies many benefits, but I am not sure what exactly in each of the stages.

For example, the following benefits are from limitless sales page.

faster learning, reading, fluency of information,
– better retention/memory,
– automatic usage of learning/memory techniques,
– uncovering of subconscious knowledge,
– removal of limitations hindering learning,
– physical brain and brain chemistry improvement,
– general hormonal improvement,
– increased pattern recognition and intuitive usage of them,
– mentor manifestation,
– energetic facilitation of learning (aura and others),
– improved motivation and general increase of love for learning,
– discipline and dedication,
– subconscious book reading,

I tend to hover around other products, just to scratch my head on what to stack on.

If we all knew the benefits from each stage of Khan. We will be more in tune with what we may stack. Thus making experimenting more efficient.

Thank you!


@mecharc - The Khan sales page could definitely use a list of benefits in point form for each stage. I was thinking this for a long time too. Hopefully it can be revamped to a more clearer format.


I concur. I find the multistage’s description arent well written


I also find this alittle frustrating too. I remember when SC first began they use to list modules etc.


@blackadder - yes. I find it cool to occasionally read the sales page of the subliminals I am using. Adding to Khan the list of benefits and modules used in it would be awesome. There might be a reason why they wrote the page this new way, but in this I prefer the old (school) style


I feel like all products need a much more detailed sales page mainly because we r going into this blind coz we don’t know the script so we don’t know what potentially could happen so things like potential benefits and expected outcomes, what is included, what is the point of this sub etc etc is required for all subs asap


I am sure once the owners are aware of our concern, they will mend it at their earliest scope.


The reason why they stopped listing modules is because they don’t use modules anymore. Or at least not in the way like they used to do. That’s also the reason why they don’t release seperate modules anymore.


The text from the sales pages appear to be written by @fire and @SaintSovereign themselves, which may not be the clearest (the word chains repeated 3 times within the opening paragraph of Primal), but they know better than anyone the contents and aims of the subs.

IMO, the person who writes the emails should also write the product pages, as they are very persuasive.


I am assuming, both of them are occupied with the release of “Quantum Limitless”


Fire please make quantum limitless available asap :slight_smile:


From the movie Limitless…

(Carl van Loon) “I want that pill. Gimme that pill.”