Request to restrict opening new threads in News and Updates section of the forum

Requesting that the News and Updates section be restricted. That only @SaintSovereign, @Fire, @DarkPhilosopher and @RVconsultant be allowed to open new threads in that section of the forum.

Too many users are posting questions there instead of doing so in the Questions and Comments section.


Not completely their fault. When you create a new topic using the button which is usually on the top right, it will default to the News & Updates section. Many users simply forget to change it.

Although I agree users probably don’t need posting permissions in that section, a more immediate solution could be to simply see if we can set the default section to Questions & Comments. That way, if a user forgets to change it, that is where it ends up.

I believe I have suggested this a while back.

If you should see such threads, feel free to flag them off-topic and RVC or myself will move them over.

And thank you for the suggestion!


That would be an excellent temporary solution.

Please suggest it again. Personally I go to the Questions and Comments section and make a new thread so that it automatically defaults to that section but I understand most users won’t think too much about things like this.

Have been flagging tons of it lol