"Request for Assistance in Joining SubClub Black Forum"


I have purchased the KB, WB, and EB and am eager to join the SubClub Black Forum. Could you please provide guidance on the necessary steps to complete my registration and access the forum?

Thank you for your assistance.

Submit a support ticket asking for subclub black forum access with the order number on support.subliminalclub.com


Thank you

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Are they letting everyone in nowadays? None of these are spiritual titles.

Anyone who has purchased a main store title from the SubClub Black lineup will be allowed access to the SubliminalClub Black section of the forum.

Also applies to those who build customs with those Cores.

Artisinal titles are included in this.


What’s the difference with SubliminalClub Black section of the forum vs normal Wanted Black discussion?

The initial purpose of the SubliminalClub Black section of the forum was to discuss esoteric topics when running titles like Alchemist. It’s not that a person who ran Alchemist must make a journal in that section but that in case users wanted a bit more privacy to be free to discuss or journal topics which are way out there, then that would be a good place to go to.

It achieved a mountain top sort of environment where folks could be free from reading and writing about worldly affairs of money, sex and power lol. Okay that’s just my interpretation of it.

If I remember right, it was first called Alchemist or Alchemist Black section. And later changed to SubliminalClub Black to accommodate what we call the Artisan Line of titles which are more experimental in nature compared to the other titles in the main store.

So yeah, Wanted Black isn’t normally discussed in the SubliminalClub Black section but if someone wants to, they can.

I guess someone using Khan Black would have a reason to go all esoteric on that topic in that section.

In short, nothing really private about it. It just has way less users and discussion and hence the users who are there can focus on their (mostly spiritual) pursuits.


Have you received instructions on how to join the SC Black forum?


Yes, I joined the SC Black forum.

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