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With Quantum Limitless (the world-most powerful learning subliminal) we were truly taking you to a place WITHOUT limits, to a place where you are able to see the cogs of the machine, the lines of reality that make up events, chance, situations, people - making YOU able to learn anything faster and easier.

And now we are taking you even further. Introducing…


You have asked for a supercharger that compliments Quantum Limitless, and we have delivered.

With NZT being a new type of supercharger that we’ve been testing for a few months now. The powerful combination of the new “fast action” ultrasonic subliminal, isochronic tones and binaural beats will introduce you to a powerful new state of mind that was prepared for by running Quantum Limitless.

It’s designed to boost your creativity, mental capacity and brain’s plasticity while you are ENGAGED in your studies making you remember EVERYTHING you read when running this track.

NZT will give you the ability to go into the Quantum Focus State by WILL, making you able to seemingly slow down time. What seemed like five minutes of studying can now seem like an hour to you, so you will always have more and more time to study.

No more stopping to check a text message, browse the Internet or watch a movie. With NZT you will lose track of your surrondings making you focus on only the one thing in front of you.

Be responsible with your use and pace yourself.
It is not called NZT for no reason.

Preorder now, by writing below if you are interested in such a supercharger.


Dope, I’m interested.


What’s the diff between this and Beyond Limitless?

Do you only get the effects will listening to NZT?


blackadder is so going to sue you for this. :wink:



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No I am sure he is already working on a trailer to complement the post :wink:



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As long as you two figure out who the head cheerleader is. Or - if you prefer - the senior promotions partner. :slight_smile:

The late, great AMASH once told me to be careful when posting on the forum, because there will always be people that believe you. So there will be people sending messages to SubClub support asking when NZT will be released now.

My compliments to a very well written post by the way. You had me grabbing for my wallet.




Now to see if they actually make this or not lol

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Interested af, would be an awesome supercharger

While we REALLY appreciate the enthusiasm, please tag these request threads as “Request and Speculation” and place them in the “Questions and Comments” section (rather than News and Updates) as we’re already getting support emails about a product called NZT, hahaha.


Hahaha, that’s really amusing xd. I would say there is definitely interest in such product :wink:


I wonder how challenging this product would be to make lol

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Official releases and annoucements come from SubClub staff only. Any annoucements outside of SC are either speculative, potential requests or for entertainment purposes only.

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Who are you and what have you done with blackadder? :wink:

Well, let’s see. iAwake has already combined binaurals and isochronics into a mix. There are also plenty of producers claiming to know the right brainwave combination for optimal studying and the flow-state (which slows down time, or rather speeds up the conscious mind) for studying. So those technologies are well established.

Many also claim that if a person does regular brainwave entrainment using binaurals and such, that they will at some point be able to move into those states by themselves, due to the fact that they have gotten used to it.

This is likely due to what is known in NLP/Psychology as the anchoring effect. By consistently taking the same meditative position/location (or in this case study environment/materials/position), the brain will switch into the state automagically (why is that not a word when it sounds so awesome?).

We also have Quantum Limitles. And Weapon X, which is known to be fast-acting after having listened to it a few times and used mainly during the activity it supports. Then there is the supercharger line, which can quickly guide you into a certain state.

There is science claiming that remembering everything is not the problem, but rather recalling those memories, which is why in hypnotic states suggestible people can remember what the weather was like on their 5th birthday. And between brainwave entrainment and guided meditation we can achieve a trance state (which is essentially what hypnosis is).

As for distractions like checking the phone or the Internet, that’s your own bloody fault! :wink:

Anyhoot, between all this stuff, I think it may very well be possible to create a subliminal supercharger that first puts you into the state and then supports that state with a second track containing the brainwave entrainment combined with music (which you can loop indefinitely). It would start with a reminder to create a dedicated study space and put away all distractions. Subliminal messages could be running throughout.

For maximum effectiveness, the supporting track should not bring the brainwaves back up at the end. Rather, there should be a third track that does so. That way one can loop the second (supporting) track as many times as needed and listen to the lead-out when they are done with studying. That last track could even be guided as well.

Since the brainwaves for studying and creativity are different, there could even be 2 second tracks, so we can choose for the occasion.

So in conclusion, the product friday proposed is not that far outside of the realm of possibilities.

I do propose to let me drill the voice actress (not like that!) concerning the way she pronounces certain words and teach her a few tricks on how to use emphasis to trigger the listener’s mind like a hypnotist would. Yes, she sounds clear and well articulated, which is nice if she was reading an audiobook, but in the case of inductions and guided meditations there are improvements that could be made. Having a few superchargers by now I can clearly hear the missed opportunities that could help us get deeper.


Basically what Centerpointe Insititue from HoloSync did. Although the embedded subliminal’s aren’t a big deal compared to what SubClub is producing.


Yeah, I read that they insert subliminals into the later stages. Never got into HoloSync. It sounded like a cult when I first read about it, costed an annual salary and dictated the same progression for everyone.

I am planning on going into Lambda tonight with iAwake (Epsilon was weird, I’ll post it in my journal later). I was reading the manual and it listed the technologies they use nowadays:

  • Harmonically layered binaural encoding - Multiple layers of binaural entrainment at harmonically related frequencies
  • Frequency-filtered Isochronic pulses for a powerful, but pleasant entrainment effect
  • Spatial Binaural Encoding of music and natural sounds for a complete entrainment experience
  • Psychoacoustic Resonance in the overtones of the musical bed to promote a natural state of well-being
  • Rhythmic Contralateral Modulation Entrainment to strengthen communication between the brain’s hemispheres

They pretty much use every part of the waveform to generate entrainment frequencies. Even the carrier wave itself. And that’s even without the biofields they put in some of their programs.

It sort of answers a question I’ve been having: does all binaural entrainment cause hemispheric synchronization, or does Hemi-Sync do something special? The last item seems to say it all does.

The manual also contains a caution for people that have experienced tinnitus, which confirms something I read on a binaural forum. Apparently people that listen to binaurals a lot have a tendency to develop sporadic tinnitus. It comes and goes. Odd, since I assume there should be no harm in listening at reasonable volumes since there’s nothing ultrasonic in them. So maybe it has something to do with the hemisphere synchronization effect. Long time users claim it’s because the hearing becomes more sensitive. I don’t know, all I know is I have that same symptom. It doesn’t bother me that much when it comes, as long as it also goes.

Listening to some Solfeggio harmonics right now. Very relaxing.


I would be interested in this too if its stronger than BL

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