Releasing techniques?


Can anyone share emotional releasing techniques that they use to clear stuff that comes up? Rebirth is great but it also brings up a lot of stuff you’d better know how to to deal with. I suspect Regeneration will have the same type of effects. A couple of times, I had nightmares about one specific issue and I woke up in the middle of the night with near panic attacks.
What do you all use to clear the emotional material that comes up?


PSTEC, the basic therapy system is free and have other wonderful free resources.


Many people swear by variants on Lester Levinson’s techniques like The Release Technique and The Sedona Method. I did try Sedona Method for a while and it seemed ok. Not sure it would work on something major, though. There are probably members that are more versed in it than I.


Some people really get into tapping techniques like EFT. I tried that for a while and didn’t feel I had much success, but others love it.


I heard good things about PSTEC. I’ll definitely give it a try.


is there any free recourses for PSTEC, looking on youtube cant find much just case studies


@slickman : Go here


I know a few from experience. I can vouch for PSTEC, but I find that not one method was doing it for me out of the box. Depends a lot on a kind of person using it and what they have to deal with, I guess. With PSTEC you can do well, I think, Tim’s free tracks are good and Level 1 is cheap for it’s usability. My practice of clearing and releasing had grown to include Instructions for subconscious (think hugely improved and customised BSFF), Hermetism or magick, Cybernetic Transposition, PSTEC, Sedona Method, Yuen Method, Ho’oponopono, Processing (try Integra Protocol, it’s one of the simplest and more effective, but there are really complex ones), Kinslow system, Inner bonding (Margaret Paul), various listening programs… Emotional disturbances can really be comming from various sources and not all emotional. While I like learning of various ingenious methods, I wish it was much easier to just release stuff :slight_smile: Well, it is, but only when you get clear on it. From mentioned above PSTEC is really affordable, as is Integra Protocol. Others not so much. But you can listen to some Lester Levenson talks where they are uploaded by someone for free and maybe find some books based on his teachings (“Ultimate Truth about Love and Happiness” contains enough to practice, it’s a great source) - thing is, Sedona Method is pretty much useless if you don’t follow Lester’s way of doing it, his pupils make it seem like it can be used like some therapy, but it isn’t - it’s a spiritual path. It pairs really well with Ho’oponopono - learn from Ihaleakala Hew Len (Morrnah Simeona materials are virtually impossible to find novadays). Hope it helped more than it was confusing :smiley:


@e_bourbel : Oh Thank you so much. That was very useful. You mentionned a couple of thing I was already looking at. Integra Protocol for example. I completely forgot about BSFF. I’ll take another look. What’s funny is that I spent the whole last week reading and watching videos about Ho’oponopono. It kind resonates with me.
Thanks for your input.


Great! I like those kind of synchronicities :grin: