Releasing Learned Childhood Behaviors


Any thoughts on a sub for releasing learned childhood behaviors? I have some automatic unhealthy behaviors adopted from childhood that I’m trying to get rid of over the years without much success. Thanks.


Regeneration and Rebirth are the first ones I could think of. Now for more specific issues you might need to add specific subs. For example if you are painfully shy, you could stack Daredevil with Rebirth and Regeneration.


Thank you. Right now i am running Starkq and sanguine. I’m not shy much as before. For anxiety sanguine is working awesome. Between the two regeneration and rebirth; which one would you choose?


Regeneration. Regeneration contains Rebirth, Rebirth is a stack module. I’ve just started running both this week, along with Khan Total Breakdown, as part of a “reset” stack I’ve decided to try. Whenever I listen to Regeneration I get an automatic smile on my face, not entirely sure why,


Regeneration + any sub that steers toward the new behavior you want. For example if you are trying “unlearn” behaviors that affect your job performance: Regen + Mogul (as a basic example). Remember that nature abhors a vacuum, if you remove something it must/will be replaced by something


Any personal experience with Regeneration? I’m afraid to use it. This moment in my life is not to mess up with.


Thanks guys i will run Regen with Stark q and sanguine. Appreciate the advice.


I didn’t choose. I ran both.


Regeneration is smooth enough to be used in day to day life. You might cry or reflect on past shit but that’s about it.

Khan ST1 is NOT like that!


Khan ST1 was worst in your experience? Man, I cannot mess up now. I’m going trough a nasty divorce.


I wouldn’t say ST1 was the worst, however it can get you depressed with the stark reality of things.


Yes you right sometimes I doubt whether regeneration is working or not…