Reintroducing a previously ran sub


Just a hypothetical question as I’m running EoG right now.

If I gave a previous sub a good run for 2 months and liked the results - in my case say sex and seduction - can I now run that a few times situational like before going out and it would get me back into that zone. Or do I need to re-run it again for a lot of loops and over a good amount of time to get back to where it had me?

I guess can you run previously ran subs in one off instances to sort of snap you back into that focus and mentality?


Depends how much of those habits have changed. Like any muscle, it’s easy enough to shift back into it, unless you have been doing the opposite thing for a long time.

It may be that the act of re-running it will inform you conscious mind that you wish to place more focus in those particular habits and so it starts working on that. So it’s not even your subconscious that needs the reminder, but rather your conscious. Like goal-setting.