Reincarnated with Custom Achilles terminus

Today I got my custom Subliminal. I named it Achilles Terminus. Here is a list of modules included-
Khan ST4 Q Core
Ascension Q Core
StarkQ Core
Financial Success Reality Shifter
Facial Morphing
Physicality Shifter - Sexiness
Male Enhancement
Cure Premature Ejaculation
Productivity Unleashed
Stop Porn and Masturbation


Congratulations bro!

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@mecharc thanks bro.

Day 1 update 1

Ran first loop of masked track immediately after downloading the tracks. 5 minutes into the track I can feel sensations all over my face including my cheek bone,eye socket, eyebrows , slightly on jaw and a feeling like someone is pushing my nose inwards .
This is definitely facial morphing working I didn’t thought it would start working this fast but name embeddeding has made it 10 times more powerful. Thanks a lot @HypeDaddySovereign and @fire for this masterpiece.

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Bro! meet me once before you turn into "Hunk"Ket

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@mecharc sure, so when are you coming to India

I go there every year, however, I visit Mumbai-Kolkata Only

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@mechatc next time plan a trip to Delhi also.

Update 2
Currently listening to my second loops of masked track. Feeling same sensations.

Not funny at all.

Sorry bro, I will delete my previous post.

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It’s ok no problem.

Is this at standard Q level?

@SubliminalUser terminus.

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Great stuff. What’s the reason for not maxing out the module count?

@SubliminalUser financial restrictions.