RegenerationQ Journey


Day 1:

Good morning everyone,

I am going to start to journal once a week.

Here are my observations so far for RegenerationQ:

I feel lighter.
I have more energy.

The subs are there to help, but we/you must do the heavy lifting. :smile:


Woohoo!! Well done!
what are the goals you are looking at from this?



Feel lighter.
Everything in Regeneration and more.


I will use elixir when I wake up and elixir when I go to bed. I’m so excited. This is fun. All I need now is a stand-alone Phoenix down sub.


Day 2:
I’m starting elixir today(about 5 hours from now). I feel something in my stomach like it is relaxing and releasing tension like having butterflies in my stomach. I’m guessing I have trapped/stored emotions in my stomach. Reflecting on this, I am really liking regeneration. I wonder how elixir is? I am so excited. This is fun.


So what heavy lifting are you doing?


How about Rebirth?


I am taking action. I am meditating and with the help of elixir, looking at the root causes and becoming more aware.


What about rebirth?


I know you are. I hope I didnt come across as if I was insinuating that you didnt. I was just curious as to what exactly you’re doing.


It’s a stack module involved with Healing, seems to run well with Regeneration and The Elixir.


I know it’s a stack module, isn’t rebirth in regeneration?


Yeah :flushed:


I’m about to start Elixir. I’m so excited.


Looking forward to hear your experiences.


I just finished. Elixir is great. I enjoyed the experience and will be doing this daily. I feel more relaxed and at ease. I feel one with the universe.


That’s great!


When I first started using subs I used regeneration and elixir. Its such a powerful healing mix.


Have you tried Phoenix down?


Share some experience with regeneration with us…
How long did you run it?
What did u notice on it?